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PS of Sweden Nirak Leather Bridle – Full

With a fully adjustable nose band the PS of Sweden Nirak leather bridle is highly recommended for horses that tend to fold in the neck and struggles to relax and seek the bit. The innovative design allows for a choice on how much pressure is applied to the nose and is perfect for the young or older horse and for the diverse individual needs of one horse to another. Comfort is at the heart of the design with a wide padded headpiece that features an air gap that rounds the ears, reducing pressure and enhances comfort but works in perfect combination with the cheek pieces, patent pending, Cradles that allow the bit to suspend in the mouth and further reduces poll pressure.

Further adjustment is possible with both ends of the cheek pieces and the cradles are selectable and designed to be easily hooked on and off, tailoring the fit for each individual horse and allows for differing sizes of bit rings. The cheek pieces and the remaining bridle are made from durable high-quality leather and enhanced with rubber keepers and the unique “Click It” brow band design, allowing for it to be swapped even when the horse is already wearing the bridle. Available in your color choice of brown or black and Full in size.

Nirak Leather Bridle Features:

  • Size – Full
  • Unique nose band design combining the effect from the bit and nose pressure
  • Highly adjustable to ensure the perfect fit both on the nose band and cheek piece
  • Wide padded headpiece with air gap
  • Rubber lining to all keepers to keep them in place
  • Elastic Cradles that allows the bit to suspend in the horses mouth
  • “Click It” brow band with rubber to prevent slipping
  • Spanish vegetable tanned leather
  • Approved to compete with by both FEI, USEF/USDF, and BD on horses in dressage, jumping and cross country


  • Weight:2 lb

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