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Science Supplements SafeSalt 

The Science Supplements SafeSalt is unique formula that provides a palatable source of sodium and chloride and helps overcome the potential palatability problems. SafeSalt is safe for your horse and their stomachs as there is some evidence that ordinary salt can cause or worsen gastric ulcers in horses. SafeSalt should be given daily in feed during training and is an ideal alternative to ordinary salt or electrolytes for horses that go off their feed during hard work.  

SafeSalt Features: 

  • Maintains essential salt levels 
  • For horses in light work or rest 
  • Promote water and feed intake 
  • Gentle & safe for your horse’s stomach using MicroBeadTM Technology 


Instructions for use and feeding guide Level 25ml (28g) scoops per day 

Maintenance / Light 

Pony – approximately 250kg  0.5 

Horse – approximately 500kg  1 

Large Horse – over 750kg  1.5 


Pony – approximately 250kg  1 

Horse – approximately 500kg 1.5 

Large Horse – over 750kg  2 

Hard / Hot Weather 

Pony – approximately 250kg  2 

Horse – approximately 500kg  3 – 4 

Large Horse – over 750kg  4 – 5 

Mix thoroughly with feed and split between meals where possible. 

Active Ingredients: 

80% salt (NaCl) by weight. Each 28g (1 level 25ml scoop) of SafeSalt provides: 9.0g of sodium (Na);13.4g of chloride (Cl), equivalent to 22.4g sodium chloride (NaCl). 


Sodium chloride, vegetable oil, flavour. 

Analytical Constituents:   

Ash 75.9%, Chloride 48.1%, Sodium 31.9%, Oils & Fats 19.8%, Protein 0.0%, Fibre 0.0%. 

Additives (per kg): 

EC permitted mint flavour 2g. 


  • Weight:2 lb

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