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Supreme Products Body Wrap 

Designed to help maintain coat condition, adding shine and keeping your horse just how your prepared them whilst travelling. As suitable as a lightweight blanket, the wrap can help to keep plaits intact and in pristine condition post grooming. Easily fitted and comfortable for the horse, the wrap is made from a 4-way stretch Lycra mix and fastened under the belly with a 12” strap and leg straps. Suggested that it’s finished off with a fillet string. Available in a range of colour choices to suit your ideal colour combinations that you have in place for your horse.  

Supreme Body Wrap Features: 

  • Made from 4-way stretch Lycra mix 
  • Assists with laying the coat and keeping plaits in place and pristine  
  • Ideal for travelling 
  • Can be used in place of a lightweight rug whilst in stable 
  • 12” underbelly straps 
  • Leg straps 


  • Weight:2 lb

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