Trickle Net Mini




Product Description

Trickle Net Mini

To encourage the natural ‘nibble and pluck’ feeding method used by ponies and horses in the wild, the Trickle Net Mini is a haynet with small 24mm holes. It is designed to slow down the consumption of hay and give your pony a healthier nibbling rate. This great little haynet holds 4kg dry hay and is ideal for greedy feeders, Laminitic ponies, ponies that need their feed tracking for health reasons and also for travelling on a horsebox. The Trickle Net Mini is made of a thick, tightly braided material with added core strength to make it a tough and robust, smaller net that doesn’t rot if the hay is soaked; ideal for using inside or outside of the stable. This feeding system tool will help you control ad lib forage by preventing your pony from grabbing and pulling large amounts of hay out, keeping it entertained for longer with zero wastage. Available in Green.

Trickle Net Mini features:

  • Holds 4kg of dry hay
  • 24mm holes to slow down eating
  • Made of thick tightly braided material
  • Ideal for greedy feeders and Laminitics
  • Encourages natural nibble & pluck feeding
  • Keeps your pony entertained for longer


  • Weight:2 lb

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