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Veredus Magnetik Rug

Magnotherapy rug with 32 neodymium magnets placed strategically in the lumbro-dorsal fasciae, lats and shoulder area and developing a power of 2400 Gauss each. Designed to promote faster healing and reduce swelling after exercise or injury. Manufactured from hard wearing materials with easy to use straps for keeping the rug in place whilst therapy takes place.

Magnetik Pro Wrap Features:

  • Breathable micro-porous material to reduce heat
  • 32 neodymium magnets which develop a power of 2400 Gauss each
  • Promotes healing and reduces swelling
  • Measurements for this rug are taken down the spine from the withers to the tail
  • Small 69-72”, Medium 75-78”, Large 81-84”

Please consult your veterinarian before beginning any magnetic therapy treatment.


  • Weight:2 lb

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