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Veredus Olympus Absolute Fetlock Boots

Featuring a host of innovative features, the Veredus Olympus Absolute Fetlock Boots are a must for any equestrian discipline. These beautiful lightweight fetlock boots provide a large protective surface that is both robust and lightweight to shield your horse from potential injuries without weighing them down. A flexible double density shell maximises shock absorption while also protecting areas that are more at risk of impact. Double ventilation increases airflow to keep your horse cool and comfortable when riding. Finished with four quick-release tips for an accurate and comfortable fit every time! Available in Black or Brown.

Olympus Absolute Fetlock Boots Features:

  • Double Density anatomic shell
  • Wider and extended EVA protection
  • Elastic straps with quick-release tips
  • Four-hole tips for more precise adjustment


  • Weight:2 lb

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