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Woof Wear Noise Cancelling Fly Veil

Focus is key for optimal performance, which is why the Woof Wear Noise Cancelling Fly Veil has been specifically designed to reduce distracting noises during everyday schooling and competition time. Crafted in a soft mesh tech fabric, this fly veil is not only breathable but will also keep pesky flies at bay, so that both you and your horse can remain focused on the job at hand. Finished with a generous cut behind the ears to ensure that there is no interference with your bridal headpiece, as well as to reduce stress on pressure points over the poll area. Available in your choice of color of Navy, Black or Brushed Steel.

Noise Cancelling Fly Veil Features:

  • Mesh fabric material
  • Breathable
  • Generous cut behind ears
  • Black design has no rope binding to enhance brow band


  • Weight:2 lb

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