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EXPERT PERSPECTIVEBoots & Wraps: On Sounder Footing

Whether applying a polo wrap, a brushing boot, or a tendon boot, it’s important to know when to use each, and which situation is best.

Protect Your Horse this SeasonBest Blankets for Colder Weather

Choose from a selection of turnout blankets and stable blankets to ensure your horse is kept warm and comfortable through the changing climate.

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Recent ArticlesHelp yourself to insights on horse health and well-being, as well as obtaining a greater fulfillment in your riding.

What Are the Benefits of Riding Breeches?

Riding breeches help to allow for freedom of movement. Read more about how to sit more comfortably while you ride, here. Did you know that horses can hear your…

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The Best Christmas Gifts for Equestrians This Holiday Season

For horse lovers, the holiday season is especially exciting. The annual Winter Equestrian Festival is near, and with it comes the seasonal gifts that make equestrians' hearts beat a little…

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Horsehorse blankets
How to Care for a Horse Blanket: Your Complete Guide

Whether you're a fan of seasonal blanketing for all weather conditions or prefer to only use a turnout rug during inclement weather, as a horse owner, you likely…

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