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EXPERT PERSPECTIVEBoots & Wraps: On Sounder Footing

Whether applying a polo wrap, a brushing boot, or a tendon boot, it’s important to know when to use each, and which situation is best.

THE NEXT LEVELIt’s not just a saddlepad!

Just as you change your apparel between training and competition with comfort in mind - you should have the right saddle pad for your horse's comfort

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Boots Fit For Riding

A well-fitted riding boot is an essential piece to any equestrian’s ensemble. While they tend to be the last piece reached for, essentially pulling the outfit together, they…

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The Equestrian Alphabet

Sure, your horse needs a lot of gear, and you do too, but finding the items you need shouldn’t be difficult. To aid you in your search, we’re…

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