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Horse Tack & Equipment



From Head To Hoof

We are proud to be the British source for English riding. Beyond the finest in horse tack, saddle pads, and numnahs, each season brings the need for its own coverage: horse turnout blankets and fly masks in spring, insulated blankets in winter, and stable sheets year-round.

On the other end, we come to horse boots. As a means to protect your horse (with, say, fly boots) or to aid in healing (as ice boots do), we are pleased to offer a range for the discerning rider. If you need help with fittings, please let us know.

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PS of Sweden

PS of Sweden Brushing Boots


PS of Sweden Brushing Boots - Four-Pack These smart and durable brushing boots are perfect for your horse. The PS of Sweden Brushing Boots include soft, artificial sheepskin on the inside for increased comfort. The supportive boot is sturdy and includes...

Horseware Ireland

Horseware Ice Vibe Knee Cold Pack


Horseware Ice Vibe Knee Cold Pack  Ice-Vibe Knee Cold Packs encourages movement of the lymphatic system, drains inflammation and stimulates repair to damaged tissue. Comes as a pair. You can keep a spare set of cold packs in the freezer so...

Woof Wear

Woof Wear UV Nose Protector


Woof Wear UV Nose Protector As part of a new and unique UV range, the Woof Wear UV Nose Protector will help to ensure that your horse is fully protected while turned out. Thanks to its high UV protection, this nose protector will not only keep flies at...


WeatherBeeta Grooming Tote


WeatherBeeta Grooming Tote  The WeatherBeeta Grooming Tote is made from a durable and strong 1200 denier polyester that is waterproof making this the ultimate grooming bag.   Features a removable padded shoulder strap for added comfort,...