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Horse Tack & Equipment



From Head To Hoof

We are proud to be the British source for English riding. Beyond the finest in horse tack, saddle pads, and numnahs, each season brings the need for its own coverage: horse turnout blankets and fly masks in spring, insulated blankets in winter, and stable sheets year-round.

On the other end, we come to horse boots. As a means to protect your horse (with, say, fly boots) or to aid in healing (as ice boots do), we are pleased to offer a range for the discerning rider. If you need help with fittings, please let us know.


Sub Categories

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LeMieux Sprout Horse Toy


LeMieux Sprout Horse Toy Get into the festive spirit with this fun 3D toy! The Sprout Horse Toy from LeMieux is perfect for keeping your horse amused in the stable. It features a durable suede outer with flappy leaves for your horse to pull on,...


LeMieux Robin Horse Toy


LeMieux Robin Horse Toy Get into the festive spirit with this fun 3D toy! The Robin Horse Toy from LeMieux is perfect for keeping your horse amused in the stable. This stable toy features a durable suede outer with a nibbly beak, flappy wings and rope...


HyVIZ Reflector Bridle Bands


HyVIZ Reflector Bridle Bands Easily add these HyVIZ Reflector Bridle Bands to ensure maximum visibility whilst out with your horse. The bridle bands come in three colors and feature reflective strips which can slip easily onto your bridal. Available in...


HyVIZ Reflector Comfort Pad


HyVIZ Reflector Comfort Pad Where functionality meets safety, be sure you and your horse are visible with the HyVIZ Reflector Comfort Pad. With three statement colors to choose from, the comfort pad has been designed with a high wither clearance and...


HyVIZ Reflector Martingale


HyVIZ Reflector Martingale Be safe, be seen with the HyVIZ Reflector Martingale. A part of the HyVIZ collection and designed with an adjustable neck strap, the florescent martingale is durable as well as reflective. Choose from three colours, the...


HySHINE Pro Groom Face Brush


HySHINE Pro Groom Face Brush For delicate areas that require soft bristles to remove loose hair and dirt, the HySHINE Pro Groom Face Brush will be your brush of choice. Available in Navy/Light Blue and Navy/Red. Face Brush Features: One size Soft touch...


HySHINE Pro Groom Comb


HySHINE Pro Groom Comb An essential item for grooming your horse and ensuring its mane and tail look fabulous. The HySHINE Pro Groom Comb has a two tone, soft touch and is made from high quality plastic. Available in Navy/Orange or Navy/Red. Pro Groom...


ShowQuest Christmas Browband


ShowQuest Christmas Browband Get into the festive spirit with the Showquest Christmas Santa Browband! This exquisite browband is made from 1/2" leather and adorned with a striking sharks tooth pattern. Perfect for the Christmas period, this browband adds...


HySHINE Pro Bucket Brush


HySHINE Pro Bucket Brush A great addition to your stable and yard kit, the HySHINE Pro Bucket Brush is a two-tone, soft touch multi-purpose brush. With a plastic colour co-ordinating handle and curved edge, the brush will make it easy to access all...

HySHINE Pebble Brush


HySHINE Pebble Brush An essential brush for your grooming kit, the HySHINE Pebble Brush is two-in-one. With one side effectively removing dirt, mud and dried strains, the other side removes loose hair whilst being gentle on the coat. Another advantage is...