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Irish brand, Bucas offers a wide range of rugs to suit any horse in any climate with huge amounts of technology behind them.

They offer unique solutions for your horses, from turnout blankets with quick drying linings, to coolers with anti-bacterial linings. Bucas launched the revolutionary zebra blanket which uses zebra stripes to repel flies to enable your horse to be happy and bug free when in the field in the summer time. With a wide range of Bucas blankets, from the seasonal limited edition Freedom, to the popular Smartex range.

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Bucas Quilt Blanket 300g

Limited-Time Special
$218.95 $65.69 (You Save153.26$)
Sale $65.69

Bucas Quilt Blanket 300g Bucas Quilt Blanket 300g is a stable/under rug that can be used on its own or combined with a Select Turnout to help insulate your horse when it’s turned out. The Quilt...


Bucas Therapy Blanket

Limited-Time Special
$322.95 $96.89 (You Save226.06$)
Sale $96.89

Bucas  Therapy Rug The Bucas Therapy Cooler stimulates blood circulation and oxygen flow in the horse’s body and back, which heals and reduces both swelling and inflammation and promotes...