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Equiglow Latex Bandage - Lifestyle


Equiglow Latex Bandage


Equiglow Latex Bandage The UK's number one choice for a versatile, self-sealing, and waterproof bandage. This latex bandage offers easy customization options to meet your horse's various needs. Whether you need to wrap your horse's bits, provide...

PS of Sweden

PS of Sweden Softy Reins


PS of Sweden Softy Reins Very soft and comfortable reins in top-quality English "softy" leather. The reins have PS' own patent pending elastic Cradle™ (in polyester) to offer the horse a softer contact between the mouth and hand. The reins have...


Hy Plaited Reins


Hy Plaited Reins Designed with the finest quality leather, the Hy Plaited Reins offer excellent grip without compromising on style. These reins feature a pretty plaited design, billet fastenings and a central buckle joining each rein. Available in Black...


Hy Padded Drop Nose Band


Hy Padded Drop Nose Band Crafted in the finest authentic leather, the Hy Padded Drop Nose Band is perfect for everyday use. Featuring a padded drop noseband for enhanced comfort for your horse and finished with stainless steel fittings. Available in...


Hy Market Harborough


Hy Market Harborough The Hy Market Harborough web reins feature three D rings on the rein, buckle fastening and trigger clip attachments for a quick and easy fit or release. Suitable for both Cob and Full, available in Black or Brown. Market Harborough...


Hy Leather Neck Strap


Hy Leather Neck Strap Crafted in the finest quality leather, the Hy Leather Neck Strap provides a strong and durable band for the rider to hold. This neck strap includes a stainless steel buckle which is fully adjustable. Available in Brown. Leather Neck...


Hy Balance Strap


Hy Balance Strap Designed in authentic, rolled leather with steel buckles, the Hy Balance Strap will aid in providing stability and balance when seated. This balance strap is especially beneficial for new or disabled riders or for schooling experienced...