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Saddle Pads

Saddle Pads

Whether you seek a horse gel pad for the latest in comfort, or a half-lined dressage numnah for its style and fit, we offer the finest brands and top-quality service. Saddle pads are such essential equipment—whether close contact or general purpose, gel or otherwise—who better to supply your English riding needs?

Saddle Pads

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HyVIZ Reflector Comfort Pad


HyVIZ Reflector Comfort Pad Where functionality meets safety, be sure you and your horse are visible with the HyVIZ Reflector Comfort Pad. With three statement colors to choose from, the comfort pad has been designed with a high wither clearance and...


HySPEED Showjump Saddle Cloth


Hy Showjump Saddle Cloth Crafted in cotton which is naturally breathable and wicking, the HySPEED Showjump Saddle Cloth is perfect for everyday use or smart enough for competitions. Designed with a raised wither and quilted design for optimal comfort and...


Hy General Purpose Numnah


Hy General Purpose Numnah Designed for competition or everyday use, the Hy GP Numnah. Featuring 1.5 inch diamond cotton quilting, this numnah is both comfortable and stylish. Shaped for the ultimate fit with a raised wither. General Purpose Numnah...


LeMieux Simuwool Seat Saver


LeMieux Simuwool Seat Saver Whether you want more comfort or to give your saddle a new lease of life, the Simuwool Seat Saver is a must! LeMieux's faux lambswool seat cover boosts your overall comfort as you ride. Two elasticated side straps and an...