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Horse Hi-Vis

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HyVIZ Reflector Bridle Bands


HyVIZ Reflector Bridle Bands Easily add these HyVIZ Reflector Bridle Bands to ensure maximum visibility whilst out with your horse. The bridle bands come in three colors and feature reflective strips which can slip easily onto your bridal. Available in...


HyVIZ Reflector Comfort Pad


HyVIZ Reflector Comfort Pad Where functionality meets safety, be sure you and your horse are visible with the HyVIZ Reflector Comfort Pad. With three statement colors to choose from, the comfort pad has been designed with a high wither clearance and...


HyVIZ Reflector Martingale


HyVIZ Reflector Martingale Be safe, be seen with the HyVIZ Reflector Martingale. A part of the HyVIZ collection and designed with an adjustable neck strap, the florescent martingale is durable as well as reflective. Choose from three colours, the...


HyVIZ Reflective Tail Guard


HyVIZ Reflective Tail Guard A very sensible addition to your hacking kit, the HyVIZ Tail Guard is fleece lined, fluorescent and highly reflective. Give an effective warning signal and be noticed by vehicles approaching from behind. The HyViz Reflective...


HyVIZ Leg Bands


HyVIZ Leg Bands Designed to fit around your horses leg or boot, the HyVIZ Leg Bands will keep you and your horse safe and seen. Designed with fluorescent with silver retro-reflective tape and an inner mesh lining to enhance airflow, keeping your horse...


HyVIZ Tail Band


HyVIZ Tail Band Enhance the visibility to your horse in dull or poorly lit conditions with the HyVIZ Tail Band. Designed to fit neatly around every horses tail for all year round visibility. Available in Orange/Black. Tail Band Features: One size fits...


HyVIZ Bridle Set


HyVIZ Bridle Set Stay safe and seen with the HyVIZ Bridle Set. This fluorescent tape bridle set features retro-reflective tape for all year-round visibility. Available in Orange/Black. Bridle Set Features: Fluorescent with retro-reflective tape Easy to...