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Ear Bonnets

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Eskadron Sports Fly Hood


Eskadron Sports Fly Hood Featuring a crocheted head, the Eskadron Sports Fly Hood offers superb protection against annoying pests and flies. Elastic jersey ears contour to a horse’s ears beautifully for a fantastic fit and additional comfort...

Supreme Products

Supreme Products Earplugs


Supreme Products Earplugs The Supreme Products Earplugs are designed with a soft and comforting fleecy material which will gently mould to the inside of your horse or pony’s ears. These ear plugs block out sharp sounds and dull loud noises; helping...


Coldstream Edrom Ear Bonnet


Coldstream Edrom Ear Bonnet Crafted from an innovative jersey and cotton hybrid fabric, this ear bonnet offers a soft, moisture-wicking, and easy-care material that enhances comfort and breathability. It's perfect for performance horses who need that...


LeMieux Mini Hat Silk in Spruce


Mini LeMieux Pom Pom Hat Silk No young rider's look is complete without the Mini LeMieux Hat Silk. Lovingly made with stretch fabric in a fun star print, this cute hat cover is silky smooth for a crease-free finish and can fit the majority of children's...

LeMieux Puissance Fly Hood - Black - Lifestyle


LeMieux Puissance Fly Hood


LeMieux Puissance Fly Hood LeMieux's stunning Puissance Fly Hood features a unique shape with a handy elastic tie and button attachment for extra security. The close and comfortable fit keeps pesky flies away while adding a touch of style to you horse's...


LeMieux Crystal Fly Hood


LeMieux Crystal Fly Hood Your horse will be the star of the show in the LeMieux Crystal Fly Hood. This gorgeous fly combines a stylish handmade close-knit crochet with soft ears for a comfortable and functional fit. Crystal braided detail trims add a...


Coldstream Marygold Ear Bonnet


Coldstream Marygold Fly Bonnet The gorgeous Marygold Fly Hood is part of the Luxury Coldstream Marygold Collection, engineered with style and performance in mind. This horse bonnet is designed using close-knit crochet for comfort and breathability. The...


LeMieux Mini Fly Hood in Indigo


Mini LeMieux Pony Fly Hood Keep your pony happy and looking fabulous in the Mini LeMieux Fly Hood! This fun and colourful fly hood combines two styles of close-knit crochet with high-density fabric ears that help soften sounds. Suede embroidery detailing...