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Grooming Brushes

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HySHINE Pro Groom Face Brush


HySHINE Pro Groom Face Brush For delicate areas that require soft bristles to remove loose hair and dirt, the HySHINE Pro Groom Face Brush will be your brush of choice. Available in Navy/Light Blue and Navy/Red. Face Brush Features: One size Soft touch...


HySHINE Pro Groom Comb


HySHINE Pro Groom Comb An essential item for grooming your horse and ensuring its mane and tail look fabulous. The HySHINE Pro Groom Comb has a two tone, soft touch and is made from high quality plastic. Available in Navy/Orange or Navy/Red. Pro Groom...


HySHINE Pro Bucket Brush


HySHINE Pro Bucket Brush A great addition to your stable and yard kit, the HySHINE Pro Bucket Brush is a two-tone, soft touch multi-purpose brush. With a plastic colour co-ordinating handle and curved edge, the brush will make it easy to access all...

HySHINE Pebble Brush


HySHINE Pebble Brush An essential brush for your grooming kit, the HySHINE Pebble Brush is two-in-one. With one side effectively removing dirt, mud and dried strains, the other side removes loose hair whilst being gentle on the coat. Another advantage is...

HySHINE Miracle Brush


HySHINE Miracle Brush Perfect for all horses and ponies with all types of hair, the HySHINE Miracle Brush really does work miracles which makes it a must have for your kit. You can use the equine brush when shampooing as it effectively removes dirt, mud,...

HySHINE Luxury Body Brush


HySHINE Luxury Body Brush Made up of gold, black and beige bristles, the HySHINE Luxury Body Brush removes grease, dust and dirt from your horse’s coat. Finished with a leather strap to keep you in control, the Body Brush is a must have for your...