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Grooming Brushes

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LeMieux Lambskin Wash Mitt


LeMieux Lambskin Wash Mitt Made from the same high quality Austrailia Merino lambswool as the beautifully soft numnahs, the LeMieux lambskin washing mitt helps to give that finishing touch when shampooing or grooming your horse. Available in your color...


HySHINE Perfect Plaits


HySHINE Perfect Plaits Whether you are preparing for a competition or just want your horse to look fabulous, the HySHINE Perfect Plaits is a necessity for achieving those perfectly neat plaits. The mane comb helps you to prepare and measure your mane...

Haas Next Generation Curry Comb


Haas Next Generation Curry Comb


Haas Next Generation Curry Comb A good curry comb is an essential part of any grooming kit. The HAAS New Generation Curry Comb is made from a special soft plastic which not only makes it great for cleaning it also gives a massaging effect. Next...


Haas Mustang Brush


Haas Mustang Brush Special synthetic bristles and special fine brass wire define this brush, This unique bristle combination developed by HAAS makes this brush ideal for cleaning thick or shedding coats. Mustang Brush Features: Synthetic bristles Fine...

Haas Brushes Military


Haas Military Brush


Haas Brushes Military The shorter and stronger bristles are for a thorough cleaning effect, whilst the longer bristles remove dirt and enhance the shine. Haas Brushes Military Features: Shorter Bristles Enhance shine


Haas Amazone Brush


Haas Amazone Brush Selected Horsehair with the typical HAAS Borstenfeld strands for high quality brushing, care and cleanliness. The horsehair creates a shiny coat and promotes blood circulation. Amazone Brush Features Horsehair HAAS Borstenfeld strands