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Horse Boots & Leg Wraps

Horse Boots & Leg Wraps

Horse boots can be essential equipment--as well as leg wraps--to avoid injury when training, stabled, or turned out.

Fly boots help avoid injury them from UV damage and nuisance insects. We also offer ice boots for horses to promote the healing of inflammation, and bell boots for horses to avoid overreach, as well as therapy boots, travel boots, brushing boots, and tendon and fetlock boots.

Horse Boots & Leg Wraps
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LeMieux Arctic Ice Boots


LeMieux Arctic Ice Boots LeMieux Arctic Ice Boots are a must for your horse's post-exercise routine! This generously sized and flexible ice boot offers fantastic coverage and features elasticated straps, enabling you to use this boot anywhere on your...

JHL Cool Boot


JHL Cool Boot


JHL Cool Boot The JHL Cool Boot is a fantastic boot to have around the yard or on the horsebox. The JHL Cool Boot features a removable gel pad which can be frozen or cooled before use, made with a neoprene outer which is easy to wrap around the...


JHL Colored Over-Reach Boots


JHL Colored Over-Reach Boots The JHL Colored Over-Reach Boots are a traditional rubber overreach boot but with a splash or color, coming in a range of colors making them the perfect matchy matchy boot. The boots are east to put on with a strong Velcro...


Equilibrium Spare Magnets


Equilibrium Spare Magnets Spare magnets to work in conjunction with the Equilibrium Magnetic Chaps and the Equilibrium Magnetic Hind & Hock. Sold as two variants depending on your product, either ‘Short’ which are 10cm in length and the...


Equilibrium Magnetic Chaps


Equilibrium Magnetic Chaps Equilibrium Magnetic Boots are designed to fit from coronet band and extend to below the knee. The ergonomic shape combined with the soft inner lining ensure a comfortable fit for your horse which is extremely important as the...


Equilibrium Hot or Cold Pouches


Equilibrium Hot or Cold Pouches Attachable anywhere in the lining of the Equilibrium Magnetic Chaps and Hind and Hock Magnetic Chaps meaning you can deliver targeted relief where your horse needs it. Place the gel pack into the provided pouch and keep it...