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Horse Grooming Kit & Health Care

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Haas Mustang Brush


Haas Mustang Brush Special synthetic bristles and special fine brass wire define this brush, This unique bristle combination developed by HAAS makes this brush ideal for cleaning thick or shedding coats. Mustang Brush Features: Synthetic bristles Fine...

Haas Brushes Military


Haas Military Brush


Haas Brushes Military The shorter and stronger bristles are for a thorough cleaning effect, whilst the longer bristles remove dirt and enhance the shine. Haas Brushes Military Features: Shorter Bristles Enhance shine


Haas Amazone Brush


Haas Amazone Brush Selected Horsehair with the typical HAAS Borstenfeld strands for high quality brushing, care and cleanliness. The horsehair creates a shiny coat and promotes blood circulation. Amazone Brush Features Horsehair HAAS Borstenfeld strands

Science Supplements

Science Supplements SafeSalt


Science Supplements SafeSalt  The Science Supplements SafeSalt is unique formula that provides a palatable source of sodium and chloride and helps overcome the potential palatability problems. SafeSalt is safe for your horse and their stomachs as...

Science Supplements

Science Supplements 4Feet Plus


Science Supplement Four Feet Plus   The Science Supplement Four Feet Plus contains Biotin but also a high dose of a protected live yeast to help ensure a healthy hindgut environment. Biotin has by far the most scientific evidence proving its...

Science Supplements

Science Supplements RespirAid DHA


Science Supplements RespirAid DHA  Respiratory stress can be common in a horses everyday life, environmental factors such as stabling, traveling, bedding and mixing with other horses can contribute towards this. The RespirAid can be fed on a daily...

Science Supplements

Science Supplements Gut Balancer


Science Supplements Gut Balancer  The Science Supplements Gut balancer is a balanced combination of Pre and Probiotics and contains protected live yeast which ensures that a higher amount of live yeast cells reach the hind gut to beneficially help...