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Guide To Buying Stable Rugs For Your Horse

Posted by Country And Stable US on 15th Dec 2017

Guide To Buying Stable Rugs For Your Horse

Whilst horses spend a lot of time outdoors, it is crucial that they are well insulated when relaxing in their stable. Here at Country & Stable US, we understand that the comfort and wellbeing of your horse is a priority for you as a horse owner. During the adverse weather conditions and temperature dips in winter, you can ensure their comfort by investing in a quality stable blanket from our coveted collection.

If you’re thinking of buying a stable rug for the first time, or looking to upgrade an existing stable rug, we’ve put together a handy stable rug buying guide to ensure you find the perfect rug for your equine companion.

What are stable rugs?

Stable rugs are intended to keep your horse comfortable and protected in the stable. They differ from turnout rugs in the way that they are softer and are typically not waterproof. There are a number of differently weighted stable rugs suitable for the changes in temperature and seasons throughout the year. When the colder weather sets in, it is recommended to use medium weighted rugs which are filled between 200g and 250g, or heavyweight rugs filled between 300g and 400g. However, we recommend you judge your own horse accordingly on how much warmth they can maintain.

Our recommended stable rugs...

If you're looking for a medium weight stable rug, choose the durable Bucas Celtic Stable Medium 200g. Featuring a 'stay dry' lining that cleverly wicks away excess moisture and sweat. Your horse will remain dry and comfortable when wearing this quality stable rug. Click-and-go shoulder darts make for an easy application and the rug can be put straight onto your horse after exercise.  The handy anti-bacterial lining also helps keep the rug in excellent condition.

When it comes to choosing a quality stable rug, you can rely on Amigo to deliver the quality you expect. The Horseware Amigo Insulator All In One Stable Blanket 200g is an easy to apply, one piece insulator. It provides excellent full body comfort for your horse.  This stable rug offers the same level of fill from nose to tail to regulate your horse's temperature. A perfect option for sensitive horses!

Perhaps you're looking for a strong and durable stable blanket which also offers extra levels of comfort? Discover the Horseware Rambo Optimo Stable Blanket Medium 200g. Featuring a 1000D ripstop polyester outer. With the thermo-bonded fibrefill, your horse will feel warm and protected during the winter months. This smart stable blanket also features a surefit neck and V front closure to prevent friction against your animal.

It is often a challenge to provide warmth for your horse. Particularly without the weight of a heavy stable rug weighing down on their body. The Horseware Amigo Stable Vari-Layer Plus Medium 250g offers a solution for exactly that. Featuring a durable polyester outer layered fibre fill as well as a breathable polyester lining that also works to keep your horse's coat shiny. Your horse will not only feel comfortable - but also look its very best.

Which stable rug do you like the sound of?

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