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Men’s Guide to Riding Apparel

Posted by aktivadmin on 2nd Mar 2020

Men’s Guide to Riding Apparel

Men, in general, tend to shudder at the mere thought of shopping and we get it. It’s no different when it comes to shopping for riding apparel. There’s more to it than simply just putting on what feels good and jumping on a horse. Different activities call for different types of apparel and each piece of apparel serves its own purpose. Read our Men’s Guide to Riding Apparel

We’ve taken the guess work out of the process and gathered helpful tips to consider when purchasing men’s riding gear. Follow this guide to spend less time shopping and more time riding.

Breeches and Riding Pants

Breeches are an important staple to a rider’s wardrobe. When shopping for breeches and riding pants it’s important to understand the functionality of different fabrics. For example, cotton or blends of cotton are commonly chosen due to the fact that they are so comfortable. While cotton breeches do allow for maximum movement, they aren’t ideal for keeping you dry.

Technical Fabric options however, such as these, offer temperature control and wicking properties. Designed with very thin fabric, breeches allow the movement of the rider’s legs to be felt by the horse and the silicon grips located on the inner thighs and knees provide control while in the saddle.

Jackets and Coats

Focusing on competition wear specifically, choosing a coat that feels like a second skin is ideal. Go for a piece that is lightweight and also breathable so riding performance isn’t hindered. Being able to comfortably move while staying cool at the same time is important and this Horseware Corrib Jacket does just that.

Shirts and Polos

Purchasing the right shirts and polos may seem like a daunting task with all the options to choose from but it’s a fairly similar process to choosing breeches. Choose a shirt that is comfortable, offers a wide range of movement, yet has sweat wicking properties so you stay cool and comfortable no matter the activity.

Riding Boots

Boots are a crucial staple when building your riding apparel closet and should be bought with great purpose and consideration. They should be sturdy, safe, and a good fit to ensure comfort when riding.

Riding boots come in two different lengths: long and short. While some riders may purchase boots based on style preferences alone, it’s important to understand the different benefits each style provides. Long riding boots are designed to protect against friction and the pinching of skin against the saddle while short riding boots allow you to go from competing to daily life more seamlessly.


Though they may not seem as important as the other pieces of clothing, accessories make all the difference. From riding socks that keep your feet dry and aid with compression, to windproof gloves that feature a touch screen pad on the thumb and index finger for easy cell phone use, accessories play a key role. Shop these items and more including helmets, belts, and bags to ensure you’re ready to ride from head to toe.

When it comes to dressing the part, we offer a wide range of apparel, pieces that are sure to help you perform your very best in and out of the saddle. Keeping this guide in mind, shop our full selection of men’s riding apparel.