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What’s In Your Tack Box?

Posted by aktivadmin on 7th Apr 2020

What’s In Your Tack Box?
The power of a good tack box should never be underestimated. Keeping the right items on hand will ensure the easiest experience for you and your horse in the stable and in the arena. So, what's in your tack box? See below, our list of essential items to build your ideal tack box.

Grooming Supplies:

While grooming is necessary, it isn’t just about keeping your horse looking its best. Grooming is also a great way to bond with your horse. To start out your grooming kit, include a brush and a hoof pick. Both items are essential for the health and comfort of your horse.


A good pair of gloves is important all year round. Choose a well-insulated pair during the winter months to keep your hands warm. When the weather warms up, try a glove that prevents sweat. For those rainy days, a waterproof option is also a good call.

Fly Rugs and Masks:

Fly rugs and masks keep your horse comfortable by creating a barrier between them and pesky flies during bug season. They can also offer UV protection to keep your horse cool and dry while outdoors.

Rain Boots:

Comfort is key not just for the horse but also for the rider, so keep a pair of waterproof boots on hand. The right pair of boots will keep your feet dry and insulated on rainy and cold days. There are several options for footwear these days, so have fun and pick a pair that shows off your style.

Horse Treats:

Keep some treats on hand to reward your horse when it follows a command, or simply to love on your animal after a long ride.

Horse Boots & Bandages:

Over the course of a day of riding lessons, training, or competitive practice, your horse will encounter a good deal of strain on its legs. To minimize the risk of damage, your horse will need extra support. Boots protect your horse from stress and injury while bandages keep legs warm and prevent swelling after intense activity. Both are important and both are good to have on hand.

Saddle Pads:

Keeping a saddle pad in your tack box is crucial. Not only do saddle pads absorb sweat, they also cushion your saddle and take pressure off of your horse’s back, both of which will keep your horse feeling its best.


Any rider understands the importance of a helmet. Helmets protect the rider’s head in the event that there is an accident. This item is an absolute must for any rider’s tack box.

Bridle and Reins:

Every rider needs a bridle and reins to direct their horse, so, it goes unsaid that this is an item that must always be on hand. Cleaning Supplies: No one likes pulling dirty equipment out of their tack box when they’re getting ready to ride, which is where cleaning supplies come in. Keep sponges, towels and cleaning solutions around so that you can wipe down dirty items before storing them.

First Aid Kit:

It’s always good to be prepared in case of an emergency, so stock a first aid kit at all times. A good kit will include emergency supplies for the horse and the rider. Remember to always keep these supplies in an airtight waterproof container to prevent damage. While there are some items that are crucial for a functioning tack box, always remember that no two tack boxes are the same. Build a box that works best for you and include any item that makes your riding experience the smoothest and most satisfying.