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The Equestrian Alphabet

Posted by aktivadmin on 24th Apr 2020

The Equestrian Alphabet

Sure, your horse needs a lot of gear, and you do too, but finding the items you need shouldn’t be difficult. To aid you in your search, we’re spotlighting our products from A to Z in our new C&S Equestrian Alphabet.

Each month, we’ll highlight new letters and their corresponding items. Take a look at this month’s letters below.

B is for Boots

Every equestrian knows, having the right boots for the occasion is a must. Mucking stalls, training and show ring each require something different - with style, comfort and practicality.

Find women’s men’s and children’s and horse’s boots here – Shop Boots

F is for Fly Protection

We all know how important it is to protect our beloved equines from pesky flies. Check out our range of fly protection. From masks to blankets, we have your horse covered during the warmer months.

G is for Grooming

No matter what the grooming regimen, every rider must ensure they’re equipped with the proper tools to do the job properly. Discover brushes, mitts, hoofpicks and grooming bags here – Shop Grooming

D is for Dog

Dog is man’s – and your horse’s – best friend, so it deserves the best. Shop a curated selection of beds, collars and coats from your favorite brands to fit your dog with the finest. Shop for your dog here – Shop Dog

P is for Polo Wraps

For equal parts style and comfort, use Polo Wraps for a professional look when schooling your horse. Polo wraps are bandage materials, usually made of fleece. Their primary use protection during ridden work, longeing, and turnout. Shop wraps and bandages.

S is for Saddlepad

The right saddlepad can make a world of difference to your horse, so you’ll want to get it right. We carry a selection of over 100 saddlepads to provide the right degree of comfort for you and your horse. Browse our collection of saddlepads here: Shop Saddlepads