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Boots Fit For Riding

Posted by aktivadmin on 13th May 2020

Boots Fit For Riding
A well-fitted riding boot is an essential piece to any equestrian’s ensemble. While they tend to be the last piece reached for, essentially pulling the outfit together, they serve a much greater purpose. Riding boots are designed to help you reach your highest level of performance while remaining safe in the saddle. Because they can be fairly expensive, choosing a quality boot by a brand you trust is key. With so many colors, styles, and price points to choose from, it’s important to understand how to pick the perfect boot. Here are a few things to consider: When it comes to investing in your riding boots, there are two main types; tall and short. Each type boasts different styles, materials, and functions. All of which are to be considered during the purchasing process of boots fit for riding.

Long Riding Boots

Dress boots are highly popular among riders. Traditionally black in color and often made from real or synthetic leather, these boots tend to be viewed as more formal and stylish. Their rubber soles are designed for gripping the stirrups while their softer leather allows for a more flexed ankle and shorter jumping leg position. The higher cut that extends over the outside of the rider’s knee makes for an overall clean look. Our Dublin Ladies Galtymore Tall Dress Boot is a prime example of this style. Field boots are closely fitted and offer a long and elegant look. They’re known for lacing at the front of the ankle. This offers even greater flexibility and is ideal for jumping with shorter stirrup lengths. Dublin Holywell Tall Field Boots come fully-featured including a full-length YKK zipper and bottom snap tabs.

Short Riding Boots

Often seen as an alternative to long boots, short boots are perfect for children and beginner riders. Those who struggle to find a long boot that fits their calf may also prefer a shorter boot instead. At first glance, Paddock and Jodhpur boots seem to be quite similar. Both boots hit right above the ankle and both provide support and flexibility. While both styles can be used for pleasure riding, the thicker sole of paddock boots, for example, the Ariat Ladies Kendron Pro Paddock Boot, makes them ideal for use around the yard. Jodhpur boots are made of finer leather and--as the name suggests-- are meant to be worn with jodhpurs. Ideal both in the saddle and as a fashion statement out on the town, Toggi Clearmont Jodhpur Boots are designed for all-day comfort.