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No Need to be Tech-Savvy for These Swoon-Worthy Wearables

Posted by rachael on 21st Apr 2021

No Need to be Tech-Savvy for These Swoon-Worthy Wearables

No Need to be Tech-Savvy for These Swoon-Worthy Wearables

Some wearables are prominent, such as smartwatches and FitBits, whereas others are woven into the fabric of an article of clothing or equipment. For riders and horses’ everyday use, wearables are more subtle. Each is designed for better comfort and improved safety. While many wearable accessories track or monitor human health, the wearables for an equestrian and their horse helps control body temperature, sweat and protect against the elements.

The technology inherent in these pieces makes riding more enjoyable and enhances both the rider and their horse’s experience. Below, we highlight some of the tech-supported apparel that is specifically designed to keep you and your horse looking and feeling great with an added boost for performance. So there's no need to be tech savvy for these swoon-worthy wearables!

Preparing Riders for Anything

Equestrians have long understood that their passion for riding will sometimes mean pushing through inclement weather or other uncomfortable riding conditions. However, your gear should not hold you back, and now, riders have more options for apparel that makes anything mother nature throws your way a breeze. Developed to be equally beautiful and high-tech, with ultimate comfort and control, brands like Ariat, Kerrits, euro-Star, Toggiand LeMieux use mesh, polyester and spandex for high-performing pieces.

Breeches, competition shirts, base layers and socks designed with material that cools, dries and protects the skin against bacteria and harmful UV rays are becoming more ubiquitous. Ariat’s AriatTEK Heat Series technology keeps riders cool by reducing skin temperature. The Sun Protection fabric protects from UV rays and the material also prevents the growth of bacterial odors. Moisture movement technology and breathable mesh allow you to go hard without feeling overheated.

Ariat Ladies Sunstopper 2.0 Quarter Zip Base Laye

When the sun beams down with its powerful rays, you can stay cool with Kerrits Ice Fil technical fabric. This particular material works to lower skin temperature by up to five degrees. As it provides UPF 30+ sun protection, you can skip the sunscreen when you wear protective pieces from the Ice Fil collection. The Ice Fil technology absorbs sweat and converts it into cooling energy. The Ladies Ice Fil Full Seat Tech Tights’ cooling power comes from Ice Fil Classic material. Providing coverage and cooling technology to keep you comfortable in the saddle.

Kerrits Ladies Ice Fil Full Seat Tech Tight

Happy Horse, Happy Ride

As we have discussed in the past, saddle pads are an essential part of your gear. With a plethora of colors, shapes, styles and sizes available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right pad. Recent technology advancements now offer several innovative pads to consider for your horse’s comfort. A happy horse makes for a better ride, and keeping your horse cool is easy to do with some new pads that give your horse a breather.

The Acavallo Respira Air Release Soft Gel Pad has a lightweight design and horizontal airflow patterns that increase circulation. This provides a relieving cooling effect for your horse. For further comfort, the bulges provide cushioning when they are compressed, aiding in shock absorption.

Acavallo Respira Air Release Soft Gel Pad

Memory foam is not just for mattresses! The LeMieux Wither Relief Memory Foam Half Pad is designed with memory foam. This supports and evenly distributes rider weight, creating less pressure and more comfort for your horse. The carbon mesh spine insert ensures optimum wither relief and encourages airflow so your horse remains relaxed and comfortable. This pad increases stability and reduces unwanted movement for an enhanced riding experience for both horse and rider.

LeMieux Wither Relief Memory Foam Half Pad

We can’t wait to see how the parallel between technology and fashion will evolve and take the equestrian world next. We already see benefits in a safer and more comfortable riding experience, and we know horses and riders are better for it.