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3 Ways to Turn Your Equestrian Hobby into a Fun Family Affair

Posted by Country & Stable on 7th Dec 2021

3 Ways to Turn Your Equestrian Hobby into a Fun Family Affair

3 Ways to Turn Your Equestrian Hobby into a Fun Family Affair

Anyone who loves horse riding and has a family will know it can be tough to balance both.

You want to spend time with your loved ones, but you don't want to compromise your riding or lose out on medals due to a lack of training. So, what do you do?

One great solution is to get your whole family involved in the equestrian world! If you can encourage them to be interested then they might just start riding with you. 

Read on for three ways to turn your hobby into a fun family affair.

#1 - Go and See Equestrian Events as a Group

Equestrian events can be a lot of family fun and could be the perfect way to get your family interested in horses! If they've never ridden before, seeing the horses up-close and watching the professionals ride might be just what they need to get involved.

Have you ever watched something - the Olympics, football, or even an inspirational movie - and been inspired to give the activity a go? That's exactly what could happen if your family watches equestrian events! By seeing the sport properly executed, they might just find the inspiration they need to give it a go. 

Even if they don't want to try riding the horses, they might want to come with you to more events. They may even be keener to come and watch your events, giving you the support of your whole family when you participate.

There are plenty of equestrian events you could visit. Some of the most prestigious in the US include:

  • The American Gold Cup
  • World's Championship Horse Show
  • The AQHA World Show
  • AQHA World Championships SHow Equestrian Event

If you think those might be a little too much for your first family trip, look into what local events are held in your area. Simply search equestrian center near me and look into which centers have family events coming up in the near future. From dressage to show jumping, there are bound to be many amateur shows that make the perfect introduction to equine sports for your family.

#2 - An Amazing Horse Vacation

Every family loves going on vacation. This year, why not find somewhere that has a “horse focus” to encourage your family to take up the hobby? 

This could mean a vacation at or near an equine center where you can book your family in for lessons and fun events. Or it could be a small aspect of your vacation, like a day of learning the art of dressage in the middle of your time away. If your family aren't yet equine-lovers, that will be a great way to ease them into it.

There are also plenty of horse farms and ranches around the US, though these predominantly focus on western horse-riding rather than British. Even so, they could be a brilliant way to start getting your family used to horses in a fun, rural setting. A lot of these spots offer additional activities, like kayaking, hiking, and various sports, which will make the horse-themed holiday easier to sell to your family.

To make sure your family are excited about their horse-focused vacation, here are a couple of ideas:

  • Go shopping for new horse-riding clothes and equipment
  • Watch videos of activities similar to those you'll be doing
  • Discuss as a family which activities you'd each like to take part in
  • Create an itinerary together of fun, horse-themed activities

If you do choose to take your family on a riding holiday, check what equipment you'll need with the company you'll be riding with. You may already have your own jodhpurs and riding hat to wear, but it can be handy if the company provides them so that you don't have to buy them for little ones. If they don't provide equipment, take a look at our range of children's equestrian clothing to find what you'll need.

#3 - Start Entering Group Competitions

If your family is already riding, it's time to take their interest from a hobby to a passion. If you want your family to experience the thrill of competing too, try encouraging them to enter group competitions. Competing as a family is wholesome, rewarding, and an incredible bonding experience. Bringing home a medal together makes it all the more fun!

Your first competition doesn't have to be at the World Equestrian Center. You can start smaller. Try searching for a local track that holds amateur group competitions that you can enter as a family. Not only will this make equine competitions more fun for your children, but it'll also teach them valuable skills like:

  • Working as a team
  • Communication skills
  • Confidence in competing
  • A competitive spirit

It'll also be incredibly fun for your children and help them learn more about horse riding together. It's often more exciting and engaging to try out an activity as a group. This could help your less confident children find the confidence to give it a go. To discover more about the joys of competing as a family, take a look at this article

What Next?

Being able to share your passion with your children, partner, and other family members is something incredibly special. Take things slow. Don't force anyone to do something they don't want to. Always follow their lead if you want to win them over.

If your family is keen to start riding, be sure to check out our range of equine equipment for women, men, and children.