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A Complete Guide to Therapy Blankets for Horses

Posted by Country & Stable on 31st Jul 2023

A Complete Guide to Therapy Blankets for Horses

Horses have been part of our lives for several millennia, and much has changed with how we treat and care for them. Over the years horses and ponies have become less like working animals and many equestrians now consider horses as part of the family similar to other domesticated pets. 

You want your horse to feel cared for and loved at all times. Taking care of a horse is no easy feat and often involves a vast arsenal of accessories and essentials. Regardless, an item that should be on that list is therapy blankets for horses.

It's not only a blanket; it's an investment to keep your horse content and in top shape. Read on to find out more about why therapy blankets for horses are a must.

Why Invest in Therapy Blankets for Horses?

Horses need care and are, in many ways, unlike the typical pets we're used to having at home. Compared to cats or dogs, horses demand a higher degree of cross-species communication. There are several ways to communicate with horses, and caring for their needs is one.

ere's nothing wrong with doing right by your horse and wanting the best for them. Proper nutrition and exercise are only some of the basics

Ensuring their bodies are in good shape should be your top priority. A great way to do this is through a simple item that most equestrians swear by - therapy blankets.

There are even therapy blankets that use patented technology infused in their fibers. These types of blankets are also beneficial to humans and dogs. They have several advantages that aid in blood circulation and better healing.

In turn, this translates to reduced pain and faster recovery. Both are key to keeping a horse happy and in its prime. Other types of blankets can be more simplistic but still get the job done.

In the end, choosing the right horse blanket boils down to their needs and convenience.

Understanding Your Horse's Needs

Every horse is unique and so each will have different requirements. You don't want to jump straight into buying a  therapy blanket before you consider these. The reason is: there are different types of specialty blankets under these options.

Magnet Therapy can help improve your horse's health and wellbeing by:

  • Increasing blood flow
  • Reducing muscle tension and tenderness
  • Support your horse's natural healing process
  • Prevent and treat musculoskeletal and tissue injuries

Perfect for use on stiff joints, muscle tension, arthritis, inflammation, swelling and general relaxation.*

Ceramic Technology can benefit your horse by:

  • Reflecting the horses own body heat thereby increasing muscle function
  • Increased muscle function reduces the risk of injury
  • Reducing lactic acid build-up to decrease recovery time
  • Improving the healing process of injury

The perfect choice for optimum performance and comfort before and after exercise for horses in high levels of work or recovering from injury. 

Infra-Red technology supports your horse’s wellbeing by:

  • Similar to ceramic tech ,FIR (Far Infrared Rays) Technology converts and reflects body heat as infrared heat radiation
  • Promoting optimal blood and oxygen flow in a horse’s muscles helping reduce inflammation and increase suppleness

A perfect choice for enhancing your horse’s overall well-being before and after training and competitions.

 Standard Horse Blankets

When we think of blankets, one of the first things that come to mind is the cooler months. Caring for a horse is different depending on the season, and the same goes for the right blanket.

Turnout Blankets are usually made with waterproof and breathable material and have a warm quilted lining. These keep your horse warm when out in the cold but help avoid overheating.

Stable Blankets are lighter but still insulated. They keep your horse warm and cozy while indoors. They guard well against those nasty drafts that still manage to sneak in.

In addition to these, there are many other types. These include rain sheets, coolers, and quarter sheets. The main thing to consider is the material and application.

The Right Blanket for the Season

Your horse needs ventilation all year round. Even in the dead of winter, overheating is a danger. The same is true of skin irritation from sweating.To keep them warm and comfortable, you want the blanket to be breathable.

This is important regardless of if they're inside or outside. You want to go light during early spring or autumn, but don't forget the breathability requirement.

It might be desirable to have a super light sheet or blanket overnight during the summer. Look for blankets that will provide proper ventilation and the right insulation for the conditions.

Make sure it's comfy for the horse as well, especially if resting and treating sore muscles.

Therapy Blankets Work!

The fundamental truth is that you need to care for your horse. Seasoned equestrians already know this and often go above and beyond. After all, your horse is like your family.

The more comfortable they are, the less likely to strain something. Rest and relaxation are also key for energy and injury recovery.

A good blanket does more than keep your steed warm. It promotes good blood circulation and helps your horse conserve energy. It also makes horses happier, as long as it's snug and doesn't cause overheating.

It doesn't matter if you go for an expensive blanket with patented technology or a cheap and basic alternative. As long as you pick the right size, type, and material for the season and your horse, you'll be doing your horse a solid.

Providing Stellar Care through Equine Blankets and More

We understand that caring for your horses means a lot to you. Whether it's tips and advice, the right accessory, or essentials like therapy blankets for horses, we're sure to have it. Find your horses' needs and stay informed with Country & Stable.

For any questions or additional information,  email us today.