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Being a Horse Mom

Posted by Country & Stable on 9th May 2023

Being a Horse Mom

Being a horse Mom, means juggling family life and maintaining a passion that takes up a lot of time and energy. This can be incredibly difficult, but extremely rewarding.

Country & Stable Horse Moms

Here at Country & Stable, our team consists of many equine enthusiasts, several of which have children. So, we understand the struggle! Here's what some of our lovely associates had to say about being an equestrian Mom!

Amy - General Manager

Horse Moms - Amy

"There is only one thing to say about being a horsey Mom – it's hard!!!

In the early days it was timing the horses around naps, and making sure that my daughter was warm enough. I am fortunate that my horse is at a private yard with one other person, so when she got bigger, I was able to set up a little play area for her with a kitchen and a toy car that she could play with. The trick for me was letting her do things that she could get involved with and setting boundaries when the horses were on the yard.

Riding is hard as you need someone to look after the little one when you ride, but my non horsey husband knew that this was also going to keep me sane and allowed me the time and the freedom to go and ride. Sometimes they would come with me so he would play with her or take her to see some of the other animals that we have around.

Organisation is key, and so are snacks – snacks will always solve every meltdown that they might have!"

Lucy - Customer Service

Horse Moms - Lucy

"It’s every Moms dream to share their passion with their children and horses are no different. Seeing your child enjoy the sport you love and interact with an animal you adore so much is like no other feeling.

It is a great lifestyle to be part of for the children. From a young age my daughter has spent summers climbing haybales, exploring fields and drinking from the hose, as well as cold winter mornings wrapped in a blanket eating oatmeal and chatting away to me while I muck out.

Juggling the two can be hard but it's so rewarding."

Gemma - Customer Service

Horse Moms - Gemma

"I get asked a lot about how I cope with being a horsey Mom, especially a single horsey Mom! I guess in doing so you are balancing a normal Mom life of trying to spin a thousand plates at any one time whilst trying to stay calm and remain in control… which is the part I regularly fall at!

Trying to hold down a job, run a house and get my three girls to three different schools with the right uniform pack lunch at the right time, whilst looking after 3 horses and walking my two dogs; not to mention the fact I’m mad enough to have one of my dogs in pup and due in the next few weeks! Oh, and keep some kind of a social life… well that part definitely takes a back seat unless it is a pony club or riding club committee meeting or social event. But would I change any part of it? No of course I wouldn’t… well perhaps the times they have fallen off or had a show disaster or the hideous job of pony shopping which all non-horsey people seem to think is a fun thing to do!

The best part is when all the hard work pays off and they reach a huge achievement whether it is getting placed at Champs or surviving a hack on a crazy young horse! All my girls have learned the life skills that horses can teach us, hard work, determination and of course to be loving and caring."

Liz - Markerting

Horse Moms - Liz

"My baby is only 9 months old, but she is already a regular at the stables! Unfortunately, due to the constant rise in the cost of living, along with being a new home owner, I had to make the heart-breaking decision to sell my pony when I fell pregnant. There was no feasible way to cover the soaring boarding, feed and veterinary costs and support my growing family whilst on maternity, so I had to do what was right for all of us.

Having a horse has always been the greatest escape from the daily grind and I found my mental and physical health took a big hit when I sold my pony. Before long I realised that regardless of being exhausted from the demands of being a new Mom, I still needed a horse in my life! I am fortunate enough to visit my old pony once a month and knowing that I cannot afford my own, I now have a gorgeous little horse on share.

No matter how sleep deprived I am, the mornings spent at the stables with my daughter are always the highlight of my week. She is always most content whilst parked up in her pushchair watching me groom, and muck out and she finds the horses absolutely fascinating. I really hope that horses are a passion that we will share together".

Friends of Country & Stable

Joslyn Jakoubek

"Hi my name is Joslyn from @joslynj_equestrian !

I feel so blessed to be a mother and an equestrian and love being able to share my passion for horses with my daughter Evelynn! Seeing how much she enjoys being at the barn has been such a joy. Although she’s only 18 months old, I can already see her personality and interests shining through. I love how comfortable with and brave she is around all of the horses!

Having to limit the number of days I can ride has sometimes been a challenge for me. I went from riding around 5 days a week to 3 days a week after Evelynn was born so that was an adjustment for me. My husband and I take turns picking her up from day-care. On days he picks her up, I go to the barn. On days I pick her up he is able to work later. Right, now I typically ride every Saturday and then twice during the week. Working remotely, I’m about 25 min from my barn I typically can’t fit in many other barn days at this time with our busy work schedules. It's important to make the most out of the days I do get to ride though and find that I cherish them even more!

I am so grateful to be a mom and an equestrian and no matter how much I feel like a juggling act sometimes, it has been so rewarding to me to be in this place in my life. As some of my followers may know, my husband and I lost our firstborn child Seraphina Rose when she was born 17 weeks prematurely in July of 2020. She lived for 23 hours. Going through this loss was the most difficult thing I have ever been through and put a whole new perspective on life for me. My faith, my husband Matt, my family and friends, and my horse Dolce all helped me to get through that difficult time. Dolce was one of the constants in my life at that time and he truly helped me to heal. Horses really are vessels of healing and I am so thankful for that.

In October of 2021, the Lord blessed Matt and I with our rainbow baby Evelynn Grace who is the light of our worlds. Motherhood has definitely been the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced and having the chance to share my love of horses with my daughter has made it even more special. Her first time to the barn, her first ride with me, her first time feeding Dolce a carrot…these memories will stay with me forever and I can’t wait to experience more firsts with her, like her first solo ride! It truly is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever experienced.

From one mom and rider to another, you’ve got this!"

Friends of Country & Stable

Danielle & Daughter Jo - aka the Posh Equestrian

Not only is it challenging being a horse lover and a Mom, but being the parent of a small equestrian also comes with its challenges. Here's what Danielle, Mother of Jo who is known as Instagram's the_posh_equestrian had to say.

"Being a mom to a little equestrian comes with a tremendous emotional burden. It’s incredible watching your small child learn the skill and the art of horseback riding, but it’s not without its risks. As a parent of a young rider who suffered a catastrophic riding injury, it made me second guess our decision to let our daughter partake in such a dangerous sport. However, this experience has taught me that it’s impossible to stand in the way of your child and the passion that brings them so much life.

It takes courage as a parent to step aside and let your child grow, and to not let your fears become theirs. I’m immensely thankful for the sport as it has made my daughter into a resilient, strong and gritty little human. Horses have given her life lessons that we could not."

It's not easy, but it is worth it

In summary, being a horse Mom is TOUGH. But the positives ultimately outweigh the negatives. Managing day-to-day life as a Mom is incredibly hard without the added pressure of our demanding, four-legged fur babies too. At times when it feels all too overwhelming, know you are not alone! Also, there is no harm in reaching out to partners, friends and family members to step in and help - even if it's just so you can spend a few hours plodding around the countryside on your horse to escape the continuous cries of 'Mommy, Mommy Mommy'.

To be the best Mom possible, you need to be the best version of yourself and sometimes this means taking some time out. Those that ride horses or spend time with horses, understand there is no better feeling than galloping through an open field, perfecting your half-pass in the arena or cuddling up to your horse in the stable whilst they nuzzle your pocket for treats. These moments of mindfulness allow you to be more appreciative of the time you have with your children. When you arrive home, damp from the rain and covered in hay, and your little one is so happy to see you, you realise it is all worth it.

Owning horses is also a huge financial commitment with boarding, vet, feed and bedding to consider, it can be a little overwhelming when you also receive your childcare bill. Offering quality products at a reasonable price is something we are passionate about. So, to make things a little easier for horse owners, we stock a wide range of affordable equestrian products for you and your kids.