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Equestrian Fashion: Trends and Tips for Both Riders and Horses

Posted by Country & Stable on 29th Jan 2024

Equestrian Fashion: Trends and Tips for Both Riders and Horses

Equestrian fashion has a captivating quality to its aesthetics. When you think about high leather boots on fitted jeans or tailored jackets in classic hues, equestrianism easily comes to mind. And you don't need to be a rider to appreciate its elegance.

But it's not just about looking good. Equestrian fashion is also about functionality. And when it comes to the competition dress code, there are many things to consider.

Let's explore fashion trends and tips for riders and their equine companions. Discover a world of style to enhance your horse riding journey.

Six Keys to Timeless Trends

Horse riding and fashion are not separate from each other. The sport has inspired the world of fashion. One famous example is the iconic designs of Coco Chanel, a well-known equestrian enthusiast. The fashion house launched an equestrian-inspired collection in 2020.

But Chanel is not the only one. Many designers have used horse riding as their creative inspiration. And it's no wonder—equestrian is synonymous with grace.

Here are the elements contributing to the enduring timelessness of equestrian fashion.

1) Sustainable apparel

The horse industry has greatly influenced the world's economy. A study by the University of Minnesota estimated its economic footprint at $122 billion. That prosperity owes much to the environmental responsibilities of the world of horses.

Plenty of brands these days put sustainability as a priority. Ariat, LeMieux, and Horseware Ireland are among the many brands with sustainable products and practices. With eco-friendly options in their inventory, you can become a more sustainable rider by buying their goods. You can browse Country & Stable to find these products.

For example, vegan horse tack made from synthetic or vegan leather has been widespread. More brands, like Mountain Horse for example, are entering the market providing such products.

2) Bold and vibrant colors

Classic colors are still all the rage in equestrian. But new colors and styles are cropping up more often. While specific competitions have their official dress codes, vibrant greens, pinks, and blues are starting to become visible.

Furthermore, it's trendy to dress while complementing your skin tone. For example, darker complexions may stand out with a lighter tone to create contrast. Using lavender or pink instead of white can enhance your look.

Your horse's gear also comes in various colors. Look at the PS of Sweden Essential Jump Saddle Pads. The design still features extra space at the waist for maximum comfort.

3) Technical fabrics

Let's get technical. Thanks to their all-purpose function, fabrics like Coolmax and Gore-Tex are the 'in' thing among riders nowadays. These materials protect from excessive heat and moisture in different environments.

Riding is an all-season sport. There's no limit to what the riders can face: rain, wind, and snow. Even training indoors in the arena doesn't stop them from sweating or feeling the chill. Therefore, riders should always have suitable clothing and equipment ready.

Using layers when riding is always a good idea. The first layer should be comfortable and breathable; it's better if baselayers dry quickly or repel water. The second layer keeps them warm, while the third protects them from the elements.

4) Unique patterns and prints

Once again, you must follow specific dressing guidelines if competing in an upcoming equestrian event. For, dressage attire may be more formal and conservative. Your boots may also come in different styles, but must be tall and in traditional colors.

That said, you don't always have to be about classic neutrals and subdued hues when training. Embrace bold colors and creative patterns for non-competitive riding and inject freshness into you and your horse.

5) Personalized accessories

Wearing personalized accessories when riding is another way to look good on horseback. Embroidered jackets and monogrammed saddle pads are visually enticing and make for thoughtful gifts.

You may not be able to go wild in formal competitions, but customizing your horse riding clothes is an excellent way to show your equestrian pride. Try personalizing your belts, pins, or socks. You'll know the customization is there, although no one else sees it!

6) Fashion jewelry trends

Using fashion jewelry while riding has only recently come into the picture. It's a recent trend with riding apparel, including fashion jewelry, for extra sparkle and personal style. Using this jewelry can offset the traditional gear of leather, metal, and other natural materials that are usually in sedate colors.

Popular pieces for riders include earrings shaped like a horseshoe, horsehead necklaces, and stirrup bracelets. These items add a touch of elegance and individuality to your upcoming equestrian events.

Of course, when selecting your jewelry, choose pieces that won't interfere with riding. They should be lightweight, durable, and not distract from your and your horse's performance.

What Not to Wear While Horseback Riding

We have already covered what to wear during horseback riding sessions, but what items should you stay clear of?


Wearing shorts is not recommended at all for riding. Shorts will leave your thighs and calves sore and bruised from constant rubbing, leading to discomfort after each ride. Most riding instructors won't permit this attire.

Loose clothing

Keep your loose clothing for after riding. Loose clothes can get caught up in your gear or bunch up. It's uncomfortable and aesthetically displeasing.


Your feet must be protected at all times during horse riding. Wearing open-toed shoes can disturb your stirrups during the fall, which is hazardous. Riding with any open footwear will also make your feet dirty.

Always Dress to Impress

Dressing well when riding can boost your confidence during horse lessons or competitions. Your success in an upcoming equestrian event also hinges on proper attire.

Country & Stable aims to offer top-quality equestrian clothing. Whether you're looking for competitive attire or experimenting with equestrian fashion, we give you confidence with our products.

Take a look through our collection and discover your next treasure.