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Flex-On Stirrups – The Equestrian Brand Taking the World by Storm

Posted by Country & Stable on 18th Jun 2021

Flex-On Stirrups – The Equestrian Brand Taking the World by Storm

Flex-On Stirrups – The Equestrian Brand Taking the World by Storm

Favored by professional and amateur riders alike, they Flex-On Stirrups are a revolutionary product. Backed up by scientific research and made with innovative technology and materials, Flex-On stirrups are designed to aid the rider’s position helping towards optimum riding performance and comfort. The option to customize the stirrups allows you to really express your individuality and stand out from the crowd.

Let's discuss the origin of the Flex-On stirrup, along with the various designs to help you choose the best style for you.

Where did Flex-On Begin?

Pioneers Caroline and Laurent Bordes discovered a gap in the market when it came to stirrups that were ergonomic, technological, and aesthetically pleasing. With experience of high-level show jumping and aeronautical engineering, together the couple worked to ensure the correct research was carried out to create the ground-breaking Flex-On stirrups.

The 2016 French Olympic Eventing Team and actor Guillaume Canet were among the first advocates of Flex-On. This gave the new brand a step up into the equestrian world helping them fast become popular internationally.

What is the Science Behind the Flex-On Stirrup?

Sport Controle, specialists in biomechanics of the human body, conducted a study on riders of various levels and disciplines to investigate the impact that riding and leg position has on joints and what difference the Flex On stirrups made. Flex on stirrups were proved to have the best absorption of vibrations meaning that when it came to alleviating fatigue and pressure on the rider’s joints, muscles, and ligaments, Flex-On came out as the top performing stirrups.

Which Flex-On should I choose?

This depends on what your discipline and requirements are. If use is intended for competition, it is essential that you check your affiliate association rule book to ensure that the stirrup design is permitted (particularly if you are choosing a colored stirrup and opt for a customized design). Here are the details on the different specifications to help guide you towards choosing the right stirrup for you.

What are the different styles of Flex-On Stirrups and what do they do?

The first decision is to choose from the range of styles available. The Green Composite tend to be most popular as they are lighter and more cost effective than the aluminum options and have the added benefit of being fully customizable. However, some riders feel the traditional aluminum frame of the Hunter stirrups have a more polished look. Those that partake in fast-paced disciplines such as cross country tend to be fond of the Safe-On option which features a quick release arm.

All styles are ergonomically designed with an offset slot for the stirrup leather, meaning they are balanced making it easier to find your stirrup once mounted to help encourage your leg fall naturally into the correct position.

Green Composite (Fully Customizable):

The best seller! Made from a steel core, for strength and durability, wrapped in organically sourced

polyamide material. These stirrups are extremely light whilst being ultra-durable. This material will never snap, deform or twist eliminating risk of harm to horse or rider because of breakage. You can choose from seven frame colors, three footbed colors (black, gray or white), 16 shock absorber colors and a variety of magnets to complete the look!

Weight = 1.8 lb

Safe On:

For guaranteed security, performance and safety, choose the Flex-On Safe On Black Inclined Ultra Grip Stirrup. The innovative spring steel frame delivers maximum shock absorption, helping to prevent fatigue and injury for the ultimate riding experience. The stirrup's outer branch is designed to open and release a rider’s foot when their weight acts against it. (At least 88 lb). The brand-new Safe On design means that the arm can be put back in to place ready for remounting after a fall from your horse.

Weight = 2.2 lb

Hunter (Not Currently Customizable):

Originally designed for the USA Show Hunter market, these sleek, traditional style stirrups are crafted with the same technical characteristics as the Green Composite. Made of a forged and hot-forged part which will give the aluminum more strength and improve its mechanical resistance for durability. Treated against oxidisation to ensure that they do not become discolored.

Weight = 1.7 lb

Aluminum (Not Currently Customizable):

An elegant and conventional stirrup with a more sober design for a professional look. Again, the Aluminum Flex-Ons have the same technical characteristics as the Green Composite. A sober and elegant design. This gives the stirrups more mechanical resistance.

Weight = 1.9 lb

Which Flex-On Footbed is Best for Me?

A Flex-On foot bed is set on elastomeric shock absorbers. There are 2 Foot Bed options available:

Inclined: Particularly popular with riders that jump, the incline footbed aids leg position and encourages your heels down.

Flex-On Stirrup inclined foot bed

Flat: Better suited to traditional riding styles and dressage. The classically designed footbed for those who generally need a longer leg position or do not require assistance in keeping heels down.

Flex-On Stirrup Flat Foot Bed

Grip or Ultra Grip Tread?

The Flex-On tread inserts come in 2 main variations: Grip and Ultra grip. The inserts are interchangeable. Why not try both options and switch it up if you ride multiple disciplines!

Grip: A plain composite gridded surface.

Flex-On Stirrup grip foot Bed


A composite gridded surface with additional stainless-steel studs which aid stability and grip minimising the risk of losing your stirrups whilst riding.

Flex-On Stirrup Grip Foot Bed

In summary, the model and configuration of the Flex-On Stirrup you choose is an entirely personal choice. You should base this on your riding and aesthetic preferences. Flex-On most certainly have a stirrup to meet the taste and style of most riders. They are unrivalled in the production of new innovative equestrian technology which focuses on the rider’s comfort and position. Ultimately enhancing and improving your riding performance and ability. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with Country and Stable today if you have any questions. We will be happy to help!