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Let’s Get Egg-cited!

Posted by Nicola Woodstock on 22nd Mar 2016

Easter is an age-old tradition of celebrations and festivities, and let’s face it a lot of chocolate is consumed! So, as the Easter Bunny gets up to his usual tricks you know there’s a lot of fun to be had for you and your family, in one way or another.
Whatever you enjoy doing – the annual Easter service, egg rolling, getting crafty or just feasting on chocolaty goodness, we thought we’d give you a run-down of some of the festivities that will be taking place, and who needs an excuse to get the family together and have some fun!

The White House Easter Egg Roll

One of the biggest annual events to take place is the White House Easter Egg Roll, where children are invited to roll eggs on Capitol Hill on Easter Monday; the first to roll their egg across the finish line is the winner!
This fun-filled tradition was first introduced in 1814 by Dolly Madison, the wife of President James Madison, and originally took place on the grounds of the United States Capital.
It wasn’t until 1878, when the event was moved to the White House lawn by President Rutherford B. Hayes.
The event was dropped during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s term in office, but was soon reintroduced by Mamie Eisenhower during her husband Dwight Eisenhower’s presidency.
To make the occasion a real celebration and entertaining for all, parents and children can expect to be treated to music, entertainment and food to bring a real sense of occasion to the holiday celebrations.

A little Eggs-tra!

There is another tradition at the White House that started in 1994, where each state sends a decorated egg to the White House to be displayed.
Artists from all over the US decorate eggs that represent each state and each artist votes to select the winner that will create the following year’s commemorative egg, which is then presented to the President and First Lady.
The collection is coordinated by the American Egg Board. 

Hard Boiled

A major part of Easter tradition is decorating eggs for Easter egg hunts.
It’s believed that it was in the early 1700s that the first hard boiled eggs were dyed in America for children to play a game of Easter egg hunting; a tradition that has been credited to Dutch settlers.

Where to Go, What to Do…
So what else is there to do in the United States of America over the Easter holidays? Well, where to start. Most major urban centres throw some kind of parade or celebrate in some way, but with so much choice how can one choose!?
Have a look at these top places to visit, for a pretty good idea of the fun things going on somewhere near you:

1. The Union Street Spring Celebration and Easter Parade, San Francisco
A family gathering held in heart of the city where you can expect to see fantastic costumes, carnival rides and good food. Often referred to as the ‘Biggest little parade in San Francisco’, the event is known to feature roller blading cows, wind-powered floats and vintage automobiles. What could be more exciting than farm animals on wheels!

2. Easter at the Metrozoo, Miami
The backdrop to Miami’s Metrozoo is the Florida skyline in all its festive glory. Children hunt for treats amongst the creatures on display whilst taking in the fun and educational activities. The animals take part too with treasures hidden around the enclosures for them to find.

3. Easter Parade and Mardi Gras, New Orleans
This is possibly one of the more widely regarded celebrations in the states and a big tourist attraction. The annual ‘Easter’ carnival, better known as Mardi Gras, includes marching jazz bands, exuberant costumes, stunning bonnets and vintage cars. Flamboyance and elegance spells for lively fun and excitement in New Orleans this Easter.

4. Biltmore Estate Easter Egg Hunt, North Carolina
Once hailed as the largest private home in the US, Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina attracts many visitors in the hope of finding treasures hidden in the manicured garden’s flowerbeds and bushes. The event is so popular that several start times have been scheduled throughout the day to cater for the sheer number of visitors.

5. Easter Parade and Bonnet Festival, NYC
It’s a fashion frenzy on Fifth Avenue! 
Each year, thousands of fashion conscious visitors take to the streets of Manhattan to boast their Easter finery in full color and extravagance - a time to be seen! 
The glamorous public fashion show, which started in the 1880s as a more formal affair, has grown a huge following and has inspired other cities to launch their own Easter parade such as Philidelphia, Boston, Richmond and New Orleans.
The parade has been so inspirational within the movie scene that the song ‘Easter Parade’ was written by Irving Berlin, for a Broadway revue called ‘As Thousands Cheer’ to immortalize the event.

6. Hayrides and Egg Hunts, New Jersey
A whole host of Easter egg-citement takes place on a working farm in Medford, New Jersey. You can expect hayrides on a tractor, Easter egg hunts and a chance to get up close to the animals that inhabit the farm – from horses to goats and sheep in the interactive petting area. The Johnson’s Corner Farm Hayride has proven so popular that the event has been extended to run over two weeks!

7. Ride the Easter Train, Santa Fe
Who doesn’t want to meet the Easter Bunny in person! Now you can with a train ride on the Easter Express from the Santa Fe Southern Railway in New Mexico. Taking the scenic route through spectacular countryside, the Easter Bunny makes a special appearance and doesn’t forget to bring his basket of chocolaty treats for everyone!

8. Bourbon Street Easter Parade, New Orleans
The Bourbon Street parade wouldn’t be without its meticulously crafted gowns and bonnets amidst the lively celebrations in New Orleans. 
Celebrate the official gay Easter parade with pride, a touch of class and much elegance, where you can win amazing prizes awarded by judges of this high class procession that’s growing in popularity year after year.