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Make Your Equestrian Closet More Eco-Friendly

Posted by Country & Stable on 3rd Jul 2023

Make Your Equestrian Closet More Eco-Friendly

As equestrians, we are not only passionate about our sport and style, but we also care about the environment. Equestrian retail is an industry that thrives on providing riders and horse owners with the gear and equipment they need to take care of their horses and engage in the sport. However, with a growing focus on sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, the impact of retail on the environment has come under scrutiny. At Country & Stable, we are committed to making a change and stepping up our sustainability game. By making small but meaningful changes, we can all contribute towards a more sustainable future for the planet, our horses, and ourselves. Join us as we delve deep into sustainable retail practices that will inspire you to make your equestrian closet more eco-friendly.

Sustainable Shopping Tips

  1. Choose Sustainable Fabrics

When shopping for horse riding clothing, look for fabrics like organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and recycled polyester. These materials have less impact on the environment than traditional materials such as normal cotton or synthetic fabrics. For example, organic cotton is grown without the use of harmful chemicals, making it a better option.

  1. Support Ethical Brands

Another way to reduce your fashion footprint is to support ethical brands. Show your support for brands that use eco-friendly materials and practices, fair labour, and worker rights by choosing to purchase from them over less sustainable brands. Some ethical equestrian brands include Ariat, Toggi, LeMieux and more.

  1. Upcycle Existing Pieces

Instead of constantly buying new clothing, consider upcycling or repurposing existing pieces in your closet. Transform old shirts into cloths for cleaning tack or use old riding clothing to patch up your horse's turnout blanket. Upcycling not only reduces waste but also adds a personal touch. Get creative and see what new uses you can find for old clothing items.

  1. High-Quality Products

Opt for durable and classic pieces. Choose pieces that will stay in style and can be worn for multiple seasons. Investing in quality riding apparel that will last longer and resist wear and tear will reduce textile waste.

Brands to Make Your Equestrian Closet More Eco-Friendly

Many brands are striving to put sustainability at the forefront of their ethos. Some key players that are working to develop environmentally friendly products are Ariat, Lemieux , and Horseware Ireland, to name just a few. If you want to build a better future, these brands can make your equestrian collection more eco-friendly.


Ariat is well known for its innovation, especially when it comes to its shoes and riding gear. Below we can explore some of the key technologies Ariat use to provide high-performing and long-lasting products:

BluesignBluesign Eco Make Your Equestrian Wardrobe More Eco-Friendly

Many brands will say their products are Bluesign certified, but what does this mean? The Bluesign standard is the response to growing demands for textile products that are environmentally friendly, pose no health hazards, and conserve resources. Ariat works closely with fabric mills that are Bluesign certified, ensuring these fabrics are created with sustainably responsible resources and processes. The chemicals, processes, and materials brands use with the Bluesign icon demonstrate their commitment to protecting people and the environment.


If a product from Ariat states it uses EcoDRY technology, it means the product has been crafted using earth-friendly hydrocarbon treatment for waterproofing their products. It still provides you with protection against the elements without harmful chemicals.


H2Lo denim styles utilise an innovative wash process that uses 50% less water than the typical process. The usual method of stone-washing jeans uses approximately 10,000 litres of water, which is equivalent to 125 baths! Ariat uses a laser treatment instead to distress their denim.

Ethically Sourced WoolEthically Sourced Wool

Ariat is committed to preventing unnecessary harm in its ethical wool products. They only source wool products from supply chains that treat sheep respectfully using the Five Freedoms standards as their guideline. Wool is used in Ariat’s products to regulate body temperature, provide antibacterial properties, and reduce odour, and is machine washable too!

Ethically Sourced DownEthically Sourced Down

Ariat has established precise souring requirements to ensure 100% of their down products are from birds that are treated respectfully, using the Five Freedoms standards to prevent unnecessary harm to animals. Down is used in Ariat's products, primarily as insulation in coats and jackets.

Recycled PolyesterRecycled Polyester Make Your Equestrian Wardrobe More Eco-Friendly

Recycled polyester takes a lot less energy to produce, reducing Ariat’s (and your) carbon footprint. It also means we can reduce the number of water bottles entering landfill, helping to cut down on soil contamination and air/water pollution.

ECO BLOOM CollectionEco Bloom Make Your Equestrian Wardrobe More Eco-Friendly

Ariat has partnered with Bloom to use reclaimed algae in the soles of Ariat's Eco Bloom shoes to deliver the comfort and style you love. Algae is the fastest-growing plant on Earth. The rise in global temperatures and human activities have contributed to an uncontrollable increase in algae growth in ecosystems worldwide. This is causing harm to plant, animal, and even human life. Bloom converts excess algae biomass into lightweight, durable foam, replacing the plastic materials typically used in conventional soles.


Committed to reducing their impact on the environment, LeMieux have launched an entire range dedicated to using sustainably sourced materials. By using the likes of recycled bottles and rubber, the LeMieux Earth Collection has captured the hearts of eco-conscious equestrians. Representing those who strive to enjoy their passion for riding while caring for the environment, this is a shining example of how the equestrian community can take strides towards a greener and more sustainable future. Having partnered with Ecologi and Eden Reforestation Projects, LeMieux have also committed to planting one tree with every purchase of an item from this amazing eco collection.

Horseware IrelandHorseware Eco CollectionThis much-loved equestrian brand has launched a new eco collection, with a goal to keep horses comfortable and protected whilst minimising their environmental impact.

Why not join Horseware's journey to protect the planet by purchasing a horse blankets from the eco collection. The Eco Bug Buster sheet is perfect for the summer months! Made with earth-friendly materials such as recycled plastic bottles and nylon, these products offer durability and the benefits of their traditional sheets, reducing their carbon hoofprint to make life better for horses, riders, and the planet.

All their products are also entirely REACH compliant - a regulation of the European Union adopted to improve and protect the environment and human health from risks that chemicals can pose.


One brand that is leading the way in sustainable fashion is Toggi. They are making a conscious effort to use environmentally friendly production methods and materials. From recycled materials to reducing water consumption, Toggi's steps towards a greener future include packaging with biodegradable poly bags, recyclable card swing tags, no plastic connectors, and no hangers. Toggi is also moving towards working with sustainable fabrics, such as recycled polyesters and natural fibres like bamboo and cotton. They aim to further reduce their carbon footprint by 25% by the end of 2023.

By using these simple practices, you can make your riding journey more eco-friendly. Make a difference today by shopping our sustainable equestrian products.