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Top 6 Stable Supplies That Every Equestrian and Horse Enthusiast Needs

Posted by Country & Stable on 4th Nov 2021

Top 6 Stable Supplies That Every Equestrian and Horse Enthusiast Needs

Top 6 Stable Supplies That Every Equestrian and Horse Enthusiast Needs

If you're like most horse lovers, you seek out all the latest and trendiest equestrian supplies and equipment to ensure your horse is as comfortable as possible.

And you’re not afraid to drop some cash while doing so! FEI research indicates that the average equestrian spends $350 to $750 per month on full board for one horse. 

But spending a lot doesn’t necessarily mean you actually have all the things you need to ensure your horse enjoys the comfort they deserve. So we have put together the ultimate list of stable supplies that every pampered horse should have.

Here are our Top 6 Stable Supplies That Every Equestrian and Horse Enthusiast Needs!

#1 Stable Supplies for Feed Time

Feeding Basin: Let's get started with what's most important for your horse - mealtime! Unless your stable has a built-in feed trough, you'll need a sturdy basin for mixing and serving their meals. 

Scale: A scale comes in handy for dishing up the precise portion they need, and a scoop works best for measuring exact amounts.

Feed Bins: Durable feed bins with lids are essential for keeping rats and mice at bay, but a stable cat works best for eradicating vermin.

Watering Supplies: A strong water bucket or automatic horse waterer ensures your horse stays hydrated while they're in residence, and a hay net is is a helpful tool to keep them stocked up with vital roughage all night long.

Hay Management: If you choose to use a haynet, remember to tie it securely and loop the tie through the bottom of the net, so it doesn't sag as it empties. A slow feeder hay net with smaller holes works best to ensure they don't gulp their grass too fast. 

#2 Horse Blankets

As you likely already know, there are horse blankets for every occasion, but every horse needs a good quality stable rug for casual wear in winter. You can also invest in the following as you go along:

All these blankets have specific purposes to ensure that your horse enjoys a comfortable and healthy lifestyle. A hanging rack keeps these expensive items neat, clean, and out of harm's way when you're not using them. 

#3 Fly Control Equestrian Supplies 

Biting insects are the bane of your horse's life. They can also cause serious discomfort and life-threatening diseases.

A fly rug and fly mask are essential horse supplies to protect them from the irritation and danger posed by flies and mosquitoes. For added protection, you should also apply an effective, long-lasting insect repellent spray to your horse every day.

Keeping your stable clean, dry, and well-ventilated will also help keep flies and other insects at bay. You'll need a rake, spade, broom, wheelbarrow, and skip to keep your horse's stable spick and span.

#4 Horse Supplies for Grooming

A clean stable is a good start when it comes to keeping your horse healthy and happy. But you'll need to take care of their hygiene for them, too.

These are the equestrian supplies you need to keep your horse clean and looking their best:

  • Two sponges - one for their face and one for their dock area
  • Mane combs
  • Rubber curry comb
  • Sweat scraper
  • Dandy brush
  • Body brush and metal curry comb
  • Water brush
  • Hoof pick and brush
  • Hoof oil and brush

Remember to keep all your grooming supplies in a waterproof kit bag. A barn caddy works best for keeping your grooming essentials close at hand while you're cleaning your horse.

First, it's best to place a halter and lead on your horse and tie them up to prevent fidgeting while you groom them. 

And if you need to bathe your horse, always use a shampoo approved for equine use, rinse all the soap away thoroughly, and scrape any excess water from their coat with a sweat scraper. You can place a cooler over your horse to help their coat dry quicker, too.

You can use a tail bag to keep their tail neat and clean if you're traveling to a show.

Travel boots or bandages will help keep white socks clean as well as protect your horse's legs in transit. You can also use a poll guard to protect them from bumps and a hoodie to keep your horse's braids neat. 

#5 First Aid Essentials

When in doubt, it's always best to call the vet. But your horse is likely to endure a few minor scrapes and cuts that you can treat on your own, too.

Every well-run stable yard must have a human and equine first aid kit to treat minor scrapes and ailments. Some essentials include antiseptic liquid, antihistamine lotion, bandages, cottonwool, and gauze.

Always keep a pair of scissors in your first aid kit, and don't use them for anything else.

You can ask your vet's advice on which products to keep close at hand for your horse. There is a huge variety of antiseptic and healing ointments to choose from, at both veterinary outlets and tack shops.

Other useful veterinary items include hot and cold therapy packs, vet wrap, a thermometer, zinc oxide cream, and Epsom salts.

#6 Horse Equipment Storage

If you keep your horse at a boarding stable, you should keep all your equipment in a lockable trunk with your name on it. It's the only way to keep track of all your things and ensure you know where they are when you need them.

The same applies if you keep your horse at home. Keep all your horse's equipment secured in a tack room, so you don't need to scramble for items when you need them. 

If you want to maximize your enjoyment and peace of mind, it's important to ensure your horse always gets the very best care – and best stable supplies - you can afford.

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