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Top Horse Care Tips for Beginners

Posted by Country & Stable on 21st Dec 2021

Top Horse Care Tips for Beginners

Top Horse Care Tips for Beginners

Horses are a diverse species with over 200 different breeds available. These breeds are distinguished by their distinctive coats and overall build. 

But no matter what breed you own, you know that your horse needs a lot of care and attention. People joke how a pet dog requires a lot of money and work...but a horse is far more of a “maintenance handful.” 

The best horse care includes regular health checkups as well as all the appropriate articles for care. These can include blankets, shoes, brushes, and not to mention substantial space to live and roam. 

Don't let these many needs and necessities scare you off though! After reading this blog post, you’ll be at least a bit more educated on what it takes to dive into the horse world.

How Do You Give the Best Horse Care?

Consistency is the most important part of proper horse care. Your horse needs consistent care, maintenance, and love on a daily basis. This can include cleaning their stables every morning and night and giving them adequate exercise. 

A horse can live up to 40 years when they are given the appropriate amount of love and care. While this obviously means creating a safe and healthy environment for them, it also means providing them with the best tools and feed for their well-being. 

The goal of the caretaker of a horse should be more than just extending their health, though. You want your horse to be happy and to enjoy the time they spend with you. 

The intricacies and methods will be explored in detail below...

Proper Exercise and Pasture

We all know that horses love to run, but do you know how many acres each horse needs to flourish? According to most state and local statutes, each horse should have at least 2 acres on which to roam and forage. 

Your horse's pasture needs to be a safe place for them. This means keeping it free from large debris and pitfalls. 

The amount of land is heavily based upon the region in which you live with your horse. In the eastern part of the states, 2 acres is usually sufficient. But, if you live in a more arid region, your horse could need more room than this to get adequate grazing. 

(Speaking of climates - If you live in a more wet environment with a lot of stagnant water, you should consider purchasing a horse fly hood. These are designed to help protect your horse's ears from pesky flies and other insects. They make a big difference in your horse's health, not to mention comfort.)

Proper Shelter and Stable

Giving your horse a safe and comfortable stable to retire in every evening is an important part of your horse's overall well-being. Their stable should be kept dry and able to prevent the elements from harming your horse. 

You should provide a well-ventilated stable that is free from tripping hazards to prevent accidents with your horse. Their stall should be relatively small, but sufficient for them to move about and lay down in. 

On average a stable should be between 5 feet wide to 10 feet long. This is likely adequate for a larger horse too. 

You should clean your horse's stall on a daily basis. Horses should not stand in their own waste and this routine is the best way to prevent your horse from getting diseases. 

Providing your horse with a proper feeding method in their barn is important to help regulate their digestion. A hay net is an excellent idea to help regulate exactly how much your horse eats at once. 

Proper Watering Horse Care Guide

Horses need a lot of water on a daily basis. The average horse consumes between 8-15 gallons of water every day. Depending upon the level of activity your horse has had for the day,  they may need even more. 

If your horse is a larger breed, they will also require more water on average. The simplest way to determine if your horse needs water is to check on its water supply regularly.  If you can’t be there, make sure someone is checking for you to prevent dehydration and discomfort for your horse.

And that water needs to be properly filtered in order to prevent any bacteria that may harm their digestion. Also, make sure you regularly clean their water pail or delivery system. 

For simplicity's sake, it may be best for you to clean it on a daily basis. Cleaning it out real quick whenever you refill it in the morning is a great way to remain consistent. Stagnant water can lead to algae developing or rust spots. 

Again, it’s absolutely crucial to make sure your horse has constant access to water. This means your horse should have a watering place in their stall as well as in their pasture. Usually, a large pale or bucket is used, but some people prefer a watering system that can't be knocked over. 

In order to help you keep up with your horse's constant watering, check out the wheelbarrow water bag. These are very useful for helping you transport water more efficiently without it spilling all over. 

Exercise Horse Care Tips

Horses need to get about 2 hours of exercise every day to prevent them from developing complications. Horses can get bad swelling in their legs or stiff joints if they do not exercise regularly. 

Depending on your horse's age and physical health, exercise can mean anything from walking them in the pasture or riding them down long trails. 

Getting your horse out for a good run is also an excellent way to help keep them fit and healthy. Obesity can be a serious problem for horses and taking them out running a few times a week is a great way to prevent this. 

Of course, unless you have a large pasture for them to run freely around in, this means you will need proper riding gear. Getting some protective gear such as a saddle cover and pad can help make your experience more enjoyable. Also, it'll help you be able to do it more often so you don't suffer from hurting your backside. 

Horse Care for the Horse Lover

As a horse owner, you probably want the very best for your horse. No one wants their horses to get sick or to be uncomfortable. 

That's why getting them the very best in supplies is an excellent way to ensure their well-being. Horses may be more work than the average pet, but their companionship is worth it. 

Check out Country and Stable's website for all the best in horse care supplies!