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Top Ten Equestrian Products of 2021

Posted by Country & Stable on 5th Jan 2022

Top Ten Equestrian Products of 2021

Top Ten Equestrian Products of 2021

Just like the other two million horse owners and riders in the United States, you always strive to present yourself as a top-of-the-line horse rider. This means having top-of-the-line equestrian gear and apparel.

So, as 2022 begins, it's the perfect time to look back on our top 10 equestrian products of 2021. Check out our list of the hottest-selling horse riding gear and apparel of the past year.

1. Acavallo Just Gel Lambskin Half Pad

All rides come with a few bumps. So a little therapeutic shock absorption is always welcome to protect your horse’s back. Check out our Just Gel Half Pad. This half pad sports lambskin rolled edging, making it the comfiest option to fit your saddle.

You can use it  either on top of a square or a numnah, or you can place it straight onto the back of a horse.   The non-slip, shock absorbing gel is non-toxic and hypoallergenic which will not react with even the most sensitive horse.

You can find this horse riding product here.

2. LeMieux ProSport Suede Dressage Square

As a luxurious option for your horse, this square is second to none. With it's suede upper layer and soft bamboo lining, your horse's back will be protected from the most rigorous of training regimens.

Have a custom saddle? No worries. The LeMieux Dressage Square will fit even the most unique saddle shapes. At the same time, it's high wither gives your horse a lot more freedom in their movement in comparison to many other squares.

You can find this horse riding gear available in several colors here.

3. Flex-On Safe On Black Inclined Ultra Grip Stirrup

With the kind of leg and foot fatigue you can get during a ride, you want to make sure you do not overwork your muscles. That is where the Flex-On stirrup comes in. It's spring steel frame is perfect as a shock absorber, letting you ride for longer without causing you harm.

You can find this horseback riding equipment here.

4. Aigle Parcours 2 ISO Boots

Perfect for all genders, this is one of the most comfortable rain boots on the market. No matter your size, this footwear is adjustable to fit most bodies, so you can continue to gain muscle or lose weight without worrying.

These boots come in two colors, khaki, and bronze, so pick which one works best with your style.

You can find these outdoor, waterproof boots here.

5. WeatherBeeta Fleece Cooler Combo Neck

This cooler is perfect for traveling and comes in different colors to best complement your horse's colors. The makeup of this fleece covering ensures your horse remains comfortable, no matter where it needs to move.

You can find this horse riding product here.

6. Horseware Amigo Bravo 12 Original Turnout Blanket 100g

Combining waterproofing and breathability in one product is difficult, but the Amigo Bravo 12 does it. This blanket will keep your horse both warm and dry, but not affect their ability to sweat.

The blanket will also allow your horse enough movement for them to remain unimpeded during any practice or display.

You can find this horse riding product here.

7. Kerrits Kids Knee Patch Performance Tights

You want your child to be both warm and protected as they go out on their horse. While they are practicing their riding, make sure they are wearing these performance tights. They have enough stretch to offer freedom of movement at the same time as extra grip through specially-designed knee patches.

These extra-soft tights are the perfect choice for any young person looking to improve their saddle experience.

You can find this horse riding product here.

8. My LeMieux Ladies Base Layer

Instead of buying base layers that you will need to change out each season, this ladies' base layer offers year-round support. It is a comfortable piece of clothing that can keep you warm and protected during the winter, while also being breathable in the summer.

The base layer comes in a wide range of color choices. This means that you can choose something that goes well with the rest of your ensemble with ease.

You can find this horse riding product here.

9. Veredus TRC Vento DBL Vent High Fetlock Boot

Accidents happen. With the dangers of jumps and other knocks, you want to ensure that your horse has the protection it needs to prevent serious injury. 

Veredus offers that kind of protection without compromising on comfort for the creature.

The TRC Vento is well-known for it's fantastic ventilation. By utilizing a three-dimensional fabric, it can channel all the heat the horse builds up, away from  their legs and body. Your horse will be grateful for the cooler practices.

You can find this horse riding product here.

10. PS of Sweden Melbourne Breastplate

As one of the most comfortable breastplates on the market, the PS of Sweden Melbourne stands out. That’s because this breastplate comes with unique hooks for ease of attaching the martingale to the reins.  

The breastplate is also adjustable, so it can work many different horses. Made with high-quality tanned vegetable leather, this breastplate can stand the test of time and ride with you for a long time into the future.

You can find this horse riding product  here.

Bonus: Roeckl Roeck-Grip Gloves

Finally, we must mention these beautiful, hand-sewn gloves. They gracefully skirt that fine line between security, safety, touch sensitivity, and beauty. All the while being some of the best-looking gloves on the market.

This would be enough, but they also work great in all sorts of weather, allowing for both breathability and warmth depending on the climate.

You can find this horse riding product here.

Where Can I Find More Equestrian Gear and Supplies?

This list only scratches the surface of the equestrian equipment we have available. We also offer some of the most unique and popular products, from major equestrian brands. So, don't wait! Check out our brand selection and shop our equestrian gear today.