Traditional vs. modern may not be a great debate in equestrian riding styles. Each style has its advantages. But no one can deny that the British style has left a classic mark on horse riding.

Here at Country & Stable, we’ve got British blood in our veins. We have our origins in Buckinghamshire but now expanded to America. We bring UK styles to riders and enthusiasts, whether you’re a beginner or a professional rider.

We want to introduce you to British equestrian riding style from the roots to the modern influences. Discover why the British style is popular and what products complement it.

British Horse Riding Heritage

The Brits have always known how to draw attention in the arena, thanks to their elegance and attention to detail. Modern equestrian sports are rooted in British traditions, where discipline and precision make up the experience.

There are classic elements that set British or English riding apart. For example, British or English riding holds a horse’s reins with both hands. On the other hand, the Western style—popularized from the American West traditions—uses only one hand.

The horse’s tack is another significant distinction. British saddles, for instance, are usually smaller and lighter. It evolved from saddles used in the 1800s for fox hunting, which supported the horse’s speed and agility.

Why did British riding styles evolve?

The British riding style evolved thanks to increased interest and popularity with the masses. Horse riding might have been a sport for the elite, but it became more and more accessible as a sport.

No longer meant for military use, it entered mainstream culture. Horseback riding became recreational instead of just practical. And spending time around horses has been known to bring physical and psychological benefits.

Moreover, as riding schools and clubs began to crop up, lessons and training became available to riders of all ages. Its inclusion in the summer Olympic Games has skyrocketed in popularity since 1900.

Balancing Tradition and Innovation

The most exciting part of the British riding style is that modern riders blend it with innovation. The class is not abandoned; dressage and show jumping events are still vital worldwide. But its role has extended.

You may witness that mixture of tradition and innovation in royal commemorations, weddings, and festivals. Soldiers in ceremonial dress riding horses make for a great show. Filmmakers also frequently use horses on screen, replaying historical scenes on horseback.

Fashion also factors in the balance between tradition and innovation. In the old days, riding attires were made for enduring challenges during hunting sessions. But then, the aristocratic class put their refined style into horse riding.

Even today, snug jackets and tailored breeches are still trendy. Every rider wants to ride their horses with tall, polished boots.

Equestrian Fashion: Traditional vs. Modern

The British indeed laid the groundwork for various modern equestrian disciplines. Show jumping, hunting, and equitation evolved from the British riding school. Modern horse racing that we know today also came from the UK. Not to mention, it was the Brits that first created the Thoroughbred.

Along with this evolution in horse riding activities, the Brits also influenced equestrian fashion. The classic black and navy look you see everywhere today is evidence of this influence.

Traditional British riding attire exudes class and heritage. Tweed jackets look elegant paired with tailored jodhpurs—a nod to tradition while providing comfort and function. This classic style is still widely used today.

Comfort and practicality are still the riders’ primary concerns, but these days, it’s not out of the ordinary to find more colors and patterns at play. The good news is many equestrian companies provide options for fashionable and high-quality gears that remain functional.

Riding attire and accessories are rich in options. Check out these chic riding breeches for women. And how about comfortable leggings for children?

The Popularity of British Styles in America

Unsurprisingly, American riders draw inspiration from the Brits. These riders usually train in the British style to get a strong foundation. And it’s what allows them to compete in the major horse events.

With so many US training centers, Americans enjoy British-style riding to the fullest and can appreciate its rich history. But they also want the option of riding in the Western style.

Most American riders gain discipline, elegance, and versatility from training in the British style. Riders and teams representing the US tend to perform well in competitions. Their winnings are consistent in the Olympics and World Equestrian Games for dressage, show jumping, and eventing.

Their performance helped popularize the sport throughout the US, allowing future riders to continue the tradition.

Country & Stable: Provider of Quality British Equestrian Goods

To fully embrace the British equestrian style, you need excellent products suitable for your riding needs. And this is where Country & Stable can help you. We offer products that serve the delicate blend of tradition and modernity.

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We’ve witnessed former fashion trends returning—velvet collars, lace detailing, and rust-colored breeches. But we don’t expect them to last; trends will come and go. But Country & Stable is here to keep up with them and provide you with what’s trendy.

The role of quality equestrian goods

But why do you need high-quality equestrian gear? Is it only to pay homage to your equestrian heritage? Or are you looking to display your pride as an equestrian?

Whatever your reasons, high-quality equipment, and attire for you and your horse will enhance your riding experience. They will give you comfort and security and provide an advantage in your performance.

Investing in top-tier gear will also ensure your commitment to horse riding. Investing in durable and sustainable equipment shows your commitment to caring for the horses you love.

Your satisfaction is a priority for us at Country & Stable. We ship these goods from our warehouses in Georgia or our home base in the UK. This setup lets us maintain a well-stocked inventory of exceptional British and European brands with speedy deliveries.

Embrace the British Equestrian Lifestyle

The equestrian industry is brimming with passion for quality, tradition, and sustainability. If you’re looking for a world of style and grace where custom mixes with modernity, look no further than the British riding lifestyle.

Country & Stable dedicates itself to supporting this lifestyle by fulfilling the requirements of horse riding. Visit our store today, and let’s nurture that equestrian spirit together!