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We’ve Got You, and Your Horse Covered!

7th Jun 2016

Even though the colder weather has left us, mornings and evenings can still have a bit of bite to them, as can the flies once the weather turns hotter! We’ve got you and your horse covered with blankets and turnout covers for the cooler parts of the day, and fly rugs and sheets that are both stylish and functional for when the weather begins to heat up.

We asked a couple Country & Stable friends to weigh in on what they are using this season.


“I brought this rug two years ago. It was one of my best buys as it is very affordable and has many good points. With this rug being strong but lightweight, breathable and sun reflecting Stella, my mare, is happy to stay out when it gets hot. It has a removable neck and is machine washable which is always a bonus for me! The rug has got front leg arches rather than gussets, but works for Stella.”

Made from a soft polyester mesh, the Amigo Bug Rug features a removable neck cover with mane liner included. And as Jess said, the rug comes with patented front leg arches and cross surcingles. The light color effectively reflects the sun, keeping your horse cool, comfortable and protected.

Amigo 3 in 1 Vamoose: STYLISH AND FLEXIBLE

“I bought this rug because I felt needed a little more than just a fly rug. I use this rug when I am turning out during the day due to its good UV protection. I find it to be very good at keeping the flies away from the belly and chest area. Another bonus is the design – it’s fun, and makes it easy to find in the blanket room!”
-- Rebecca

An essential for everyone, this rug gives you versatility and flexibility in the ever changing summer weather. The rug has a seamless design with a waterproof top and traditional mesh sides to keep your horse cool and dry in summer. The mesh sides have been treated with Vamoose for maximum fly protection.

The Weatherbeeta Rip Shield Plus Combo: TOUGH AND REPAIRABLE

“When Debra is standing, the neck of the rug looks like it comes too far up but when she is grazing, the neck goes right to her ears and keeps her well protected from flies. Plus, the tough fabric withstands all of Debra’s rolling antics and stays put. I am excited to see a rug last longer than one season!”
- Beth

The Weatherbeeta Rip Shield Plus Combo features a ripshield with an attached neck and a soft durable ripstop polyester mesh outer and a cross hatch weave to prevent tears. The side gussets allow ease of movement and the low cross surcingles, web leg straps and full wrap tail flap offers comfort and all-around fly protection.

The Bucas Buzz Off Zebra Fly Rug: CHIC AND COMFORTABLE

“People in the yard were a little skeptical about the Zebra design, but once they saw how effective it was as a fly rug, they were impressed. The mesh is durable and breathable and the fact that the rug comes in a big neck version means that I know my horse will be comfortable in the field all day.”
- Trish

This fly rug is effective, generous in length and covers all that it needs to. The internal straps with the belly flap mean there are no surcingle’s on the outside to get torn and ripped.


“Zed is a rascal, and likes to play! He’s also big broad-chested warmblood so I find it difficult to find rugs that don’t rub his chest and don’t come up like a mini skirt on him. The Masta rugs fit great in the shoulder and have a large shoulder dart for allowing freedom of movement. And the bright orange binding makes him easy to find in the field!”
- Amy

This super durable fly blanket crafted from a strong rip stop mesh features a generous tail flap and the stretch panel insert provides an ergonomic neck design that enables your horse to graze while the neck stays in place. And, as Amy notes, the orange binding is a striking design!

While we can never predict the weather, we can predict that these products will keep your horse covered come rain, shine or bugs! Check our full line of blankets, rugs and sheets to keep your horse both comfortable and stylish.