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Why Use Tendon Boots for Horses?

Posted by Country & Stable on 20th Sep 2021

Why Use Tendon Boots for Horses?

Why Use Tendon Boots for Horses?

There's nothing like riding a thoroughbred through an open field of wildflowers.

And if you've never had the chance to, you can at least imagine the glory of an open sky and a field full of cattle.

Whether your horse keeps the family company or competes for the big win, protecting them is your duty. If you keep horses, you know that they are a full to-do list worth of responsibility.

But the reward of that care and consistency is immeasurable.

From show jumping to cross country, you've likely heard of or tendon boots for horses.

These tools can give your horse a leg up (wink wink) by offering prevention and post-injury rehabilitation.

Why use tendon boots for horses?

In the same way, you would protect your own body with ankle support or shin guards, honoring your horse's exposure to injury is a smart, proactive measure. 

Preservation of your horse's tendons, ligaments, and muscles ensures they live a long, fruitful, and strong life.

What are Tendon Boots for Horses?

As humans, we follow protocol in our daily lives to prevent injury.

We put on our seatbelts; we wear helmets and protective gear. We practice some humility and acknowledge that we are not invincible.

Our bones break, our muscles strain, and we find out the hard way that accidents know no age or health status. Our horse friends are no different, except they rely on us to keep them safe from the elements.

Across all horse disciplines, they are subject to dangerous, high-risk conditions. Forget poles and faulty equipment; the stature and weight alone of your horse is enough to cause enormous damage to their body.

So, what do tendon boots do for horses? 

A horse's front legs can be subject to trauma if they are struck by the hind hooves. This can occur during a jump landing. To protect the inside of the legs from a hoof catch, tendon boots must be worn.

Tendon boots normally have a hard exterior for maximum protection. This exterior can also help absorb the impact of a hard landing jump. 

They also offer padding to cradle the tendons and ligaments most at risk for injury.


Half of the battle in every semi-risky scenario is awareness. 

We take safety precautions seriously because there's nothing worse than the "should've, could've." Prevention means assessing the potential damage of the risks involved. 

A horse with a lame leg and a serious injury could cost them their life. At the very least, their quality of it.

You're probably wondering, "does my horse need tendon boots?"

The safety of your horse is paramount, and there are other things to take into consideration. Your livelihood as a horse owner could be impacted in ways you didn't anticipate.

From doctor's visits to surgeries to the simple inability to compete. For a winning horse, that's an enormous setback. Not just for the horse, but ownership.

Certain tendon boots can promote protection around the rising temperatures of your horse's forelegs. Ventilated boots are an incredible option, as they are tough, flexible, and increase airflow for temperature regulation.

Made from neoprene, these boots offer rubbing prevention and the comfort your horse needs to engage with their optimal performance.

Injuries and Healing

Horses require specific dietary blends to help them keep up with their massive energy consumption.

Their bodies are composed of 45% skeletal muscle. Hence, where phrases like, "that thing is a horse!" were born from.

Because a horse's muscle mass and accompanying features are cured for high performance, and exceptional endurance, the feet beneath them are their crown jewels. 

Horse’s hooves require weekly maintenance to ensure no infections or other ailments are impacting their ability to perform.

We know from our personal experiences how difficult the recovery process is after we experience trauma to our bodies.

From physical therapy to soft tissue mobility, the healing experience is a delicate one. 

Horses are no exception. They have their own healing process that requires similar measures.

If you give horses the right amount of rest and a gradual return to their rigorous day-to-day exercise, the healing process can be quick with minimal setbacks, if any. Their cells need to regenerate, their muscles need to rebuild, and their level of exhaustion will be at its peak.

Your veterinarian may come up with a combination therapy approach. In addition to lots of rest and mild movement, anti-inflammatory drugs may be necessary. And in some cases, surgery may be, too.

This is a long path to walk. Many outcomes are unfavorable, and we all know how difficult those can be to predict.

The key to injuries is preventing them from happening at all. In the same way, you purchase the right car insurance policy every year; preventative measures for your horses accomplish the same goal.

No matter the species of the precious cargo you're hauling, they deserve protection.

Tendon horse boots are a layer of protection that will help your horse maintain its place in the competitive world.

Tendon Support Boots for Horses

Whether you run a full-scale farm or deal strictly in the business of horses, you understand the importance of support.

Your horses are an investment. 

And like the other assets you choose to protect, being proactive about their safety is the best thing you can do for their lifetime.

Our bodies need certain things to run like a well-oiled machine. Your horses will benefit from the same level of maintenance.

If you're curious about the types of tendon boots for horses, connect with us. Let's get your horse fitted for their future