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Horse Blanket Fitting Guide

Blankets are commonly measured from the center of the chest, to the center of the tail. Once you have taken your measurement, match this to the blankets available. If your horse falls between sizes, choose the size closest.

For the safety of the horse be careful when putting the blanket on and ensure all straps/closures are securely fitted, these can swing round and strike causing harm to the horse.

Bear in mind that every horse is different and there are many different styles to suit all shapes and sizes.

How to Measure for a Blanket

Measure the length of your horse from the center of the chest to the center of the tail. Note measurements in both inches and centimeters.

Measure from the withers to the top of the tail. Note measurements in both inches and centimeters.

How to Check the Fit


Assure the neckline lies across the shoulders without tugging on the chest and allows the head to be lowered comfortably.


You should be able to comfortably slide one hand between the blanket and the withers.


The blanket should drape below the barrel, and stop just below the horse’s elbow and stifle.



Chest Closure: Secure the chest closures loosely enough to allow freedom of movement.


Belly Closure: A clenched fist/four fingers should fit comfortably between your horse and the surcingles.


Leg Loop or Fillet String: If present, secure leg straps with enough play to avoid chafing, at least a hands width. Can you also change leg loop to say leg strap and remove fillet string.


Tail Strap: If present, fit the tail loop tight enough to prevent excessive shifting of the blanket.


Tail Cover: Assure the tail cover is properly attached to the blanket. hat the neck cover (if present) is properly attached to the blanket.


Neck Cover: Assure that the neck cover is properly attached to the hood loops (if present).

Horse Blanket Size Conversions
European (cm)Feet-InchesInchescm
55 3’0 36” 90
60 3’3 39” 100
70 3’6 42” 105
75 3’9 45” 115
80 4’0 48” 120
85 4’3 51” 130
90 4’6 54” 140
95 4’9 57” 145
100 5’0 60” 155
115 5’3 63” 160
102 5’6 66” 170
125 59 69” 175
135 6’0 72” 185
140 6’3 75” 190
145 6’5 77” 195
150 6’6 78” 200
155 6’9 81” 205
160 7’0 84” 215
165 7’3 87” 225