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Horse Health & Wellbeing

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Hy Equestrian Muzzle


Hy Equestrian Muzzle  This nylon muzzle slows your horse's grazing. Featuring a rubber base, Velcro closure headpiece and clip throat lash for easy fitting and to keep the muzzle in place. Available in Purple.  Equestrian Muzzle Features: ...

Science Supplements

Science Supplements Four Feet


Science Supplements Four Feet The Science Supplement Four Feet is a hoof supplement to help improve hoof horn condition and reduce cracking and splitting that can happened in all types of horses. Four Feet can help decrease hoof sensitivity and promote...


Robinson Equiwrap Bandages


Robinson Equiwrap Bandages Choose from a range of colors with the Robinson Equiwrap, high quality cohesive stretch bandages. Ideal for supporting and protecting your horse whilst holding dressings safely in place. The newly improved, easy tear bandages...

Science Supplements

Science Supplements SafeSalt


Science Supplements SafeSalt  The Science Supplements SafeSalt is unique formula that provides a palatable source of sodium and chloride and helps overcome the potential palatability problems. SafeSalt is safe for your horse and their stomachs as...

Science Supplements

Science Supplements 4Feet Plus


Science Supplement Four Feet Plus   The Science Supplement Four Feet Plus contains Biotin but also a high dose of a protected live yeast to help ensure a healthy hindgut environment. Biotin has by far the most scientific evidence proving its...

Science Supplements RespirAid DHA

Science Supplements

Science Supplements RespirAid DHA


Science Supplements RespirAid DHA  Respiratory stress can be common in a horses everyday life, environmental factors such as stabling, traveling, bedding and mixing with other horses can contribute towards this. The RespirAid can be fed on a daily...

Science Supplements

Science Supplements Gut Balancer


Science Supplements Gut Balancer  The Science Supplements Gut balancer is a balanced combination of Pre and Probiotics and contains protected live yeast which ensures that a higher amount of live yeast cells reach the hind gut to beneficially help...


JHL Comfort Grazing Muzzle


JHL Comfort Grazing Muzzle The JHL Comfort Grazing Muzzle can be used to maintain and decrease a horse’s weight by restricting grass intake. With a fully adjustable and removable padding over the poll and chin for added comfort. Velcro fastening on...


LeMieux Tail Bandage


LeMieux Tail Bandage Keep tails clean and tidy with the LeMieux Tail Bandage. This essential is evenly elasticated to eliminate any worry of over-tightening. Finished with tie closure for ease of use. Available in a wide range of colors. LeMieux Tail...