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Digging Out of the Mudding Season

Posted by aktivadmin on 17th Mar 2020

Digging Out of the Mudding Season

We all enjoy the picturesque feel of a field covered in a blanket of snow but unfortunately, the snow eventually melts and leaves behind a muddy, sloppy mess. Mud is not only unpleasant to look at, but also poses problematic conditions for your horse. Say goodbye to cold, wet winter by preparing your horse and stable for the drier weather soon to come. Prepare to Dig Out of the Mudding Season!

Here are a few ways you can prepare your horse and stable for summer:

Check Your Horse For Mud-Related Injuries

Constant moisture on your horse’s hooves can cause a multitude of problems and potential injuries. Thoroughly check your horse’s hooves, bulbs and pasterns daily for mud-related issues such as abscesses, thrush, etc. The quicker you catch the issue the quicker it can be resolved and the less discomfort your horse has to endure.

Clean and Refresh Stable

Spring cleaning isn’t only for your home. Take this downtime before competition season to deep clean your stable. Replace bedding and scrub down stalls with a pressure washer and disinfectant. Moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria so there is a likely chance that it is buried in the bedding. Give your horse a comfortable environment without the chance of lingering bacteria.

Wash and Pack Up Winter Gear

While the temperatures begin to rise, now is the time to wash your horse’s winter gear. If you know the warmer weather is here to stay, go ahead and pack those items away as well. Items like heavy blankets can be stored away during the summer to make room for seasonally-appropriate gear and create a clutter-free stable.

Prepare Warm Weather Gear

Now that you’ve made room, take out summer gear such as lighter blankets and competition equipment and place them in an easily accessible location. If they are dusty from being in storage, it’s a good idea to give them a quick wash and freshen them up.

Putting in the work now ensures that you and your horse will be prepared to ride at the first sign of summer!

If your summer gear has seen better days, consider replacements from our wide array of tack and equipment.