Acavallo Gel Out Cushion Ride Seat Saver





Product Description

Acavallo Gel Out Cushion Ride Seat Saver

To improve the comfort during your rides, Acavallo has designed a Gel Out cushion with a deep gel fill and slip resistant surface.

Gel Out Cushion Ride Seat Saver Features:

  • Deep gel fill
  • Slip Resistant surface
  • Large size only
  • 20mm thick


  • Weight:2 lb
  • Product_Type:Gel Pads

1 review

Best purchase ever!

Posted by on March 8, 2019

I wanted something to help me stick to the saddle, as I have a hot horse. Not only do you adhere more to the saddle, but this is nice and thick, so you actually sink down into it. I feel much more secure with a deeper seat, with front and back of pad coming up. This gives me a deeper seat. I feel more relaxed and my horse it. We have been having much better rides.