Horse Wear Wash Bag


$20.95 - $25.95



Product Description

Horse Wear Wash Bag

Keep your washing machine clean and free of horse hair by placing the wash bag in the machine. It works as a filtration, allowing free flowing water to work through the bag. Hair is easy to remove from the bag by just shaking it out. The bag also prevents buckle damage to your machine. Available in Orange and choose between two sizes of Large and Jumbo.

Wash Bag Features:

  • Large size suitable for halters, bandages (22.83″ x 29.52″)
  • Jumbo size suitable for rugs, hoods (29.52″ x 31.49″)
  • User friendly and prevents washing machine damage
  • Stops buckle damage
  • Zip front closure and useful hanging loop
  • British designed product


  • Weight:2 lb

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